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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fell more than 7 v. Uzan

London 9 Criminal Court of First Instance, on 29 November Uzanlar Kepez'le CEAS and decided cases involving ticket has expired.

Uzan Family of shock cases are happening quietly. Run with the children of the father Kemal Uzan, Cem and Hakan Uzan tarafındanTürkiyealeyhine opened about 350 billion dollars in the process of judicial proceedings related to the subject of the CEAS and Kepez developments taking place one after another scandal. CMB, CEAS and Kepez his criminal complaint related to the opening 7 on the suit, because of statute of limitations had disappeared. Combined bakanAdana9 7 case. Criminal Court of First Instance, dated November 29 hearing, Cem Uzan, Hakan Uzan, and father Kemal Uzan also raised about the arrest decisions. London 9 Criminal Court of First Instance, the Uzan Family rescued 'timeout' trial date was Nov. 29, 2010 decision.

Cause serious hardship DECISION

A day after the decision on the 30 November, Kemal Uzan's European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), CEAS and Kepez confiscation hearing was held because of the lawsuit filed by. Kemal Uzan Cem Uzan's 160 billion-dollar compensation claim involved in the hearing constantly surprised everyone laugh. Cem Uzan's why I laughed, London 9 The decision was finalized with the Criminal Court of First Instance. London 9 The decision of the Criminal Court of First Instance, the case opened against Turkey billions of dollars Uzanları delights. The decision of the arbitration proceedings Uzanlar'ın used by the Uzan family members, including about öğrenildi.Cem Uzanbaşta, İmarbank, Telsim companies because of irregularities have been given prison sentences.

7 case survived

Confiscated in 2003 by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, CEAS and Kepez Electric companies report the CMB has a large number of experts. According to these reports, including Kemal Uzan, Cem Uzan and Hakan Uzan, including 7 separate criminal complaint was made about the CEAS and Kepez managers. Crime announcements about managers in line with the full 7 different cases were filed against the Uzan family. Litigation, because it contains irregularities committed in the same companies, merged. London 9 E.2004-1282 before the court decision related to litigation of the merged file was granted on November 29, 2010. The court, in 7 different time-out had been the case, stating the case files, has decided to remove the rack.

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