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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Than an appeal to the CHP convention

A reference was made in the weekend about the CHP kurultayıyla

Some CHP, the party's 15th Extraordinary Assembly of the party convention on women's quota YüksekSeçimKuruluna objection made on the method of calculation.

County Election Board rejected the appeal of their party members on the Cankaya previously, was admitted to YSK'ya.

Appeal, 25 percent of the women's quota, the list of 68 blocks and 12 members elected 18 people, Science and Culture Platform Management claimed that the list should be applied separately. The application also stated that''the same''YSK'ya reason.

According to the Law No. 2820 on Political Parties, the county election board of appeals decision regarding selection of the organs of political parties is connected. Decisions about the county election board elections, the party organ is the exact nature and bulunulamıyor appeal against the decision. But lawlessness''justification''for a full demonstration, YSK'ya appeal against the decision of the county election board bulunulabiliyor.

Kılıçdaroğlu made a statement immediately after the application, "the district's decision is final, YSK'ya not change as a result of the application, " he said.

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