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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Compulsory donation interesting excuse

Collected between 2003-2007, each student is the President of the Forerunner Dumlupinar Guner distributed description of the HEC did not convince 90 lirayla Speech.

35 thousand students, each student is enrolled in the new university in the Rectorate of the University of Dumlupinar as illegal fees collected per student from $ 90 flowers, food, drinks and cocktails are used for expenses occurred. Rectorate "Speech is distributed to students," the defense enough deprecatory HEC, Rector. Dr. Güner Önce'nin asked the prosecution.

ACCOUNTS delegate to the

In 2007 complaint dated 24.12.2007 the Board of Inquiry Report on the review başlatanYÖKDenetleme Dumlupınar University management as a result of the opening of disciplinary and criminal investigation was recommended. The investigation is completed, students 90'ar collected during registration of TL Rector Önce'nin illegal Strengthening Development and Assistance Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Higher Education is the foundation here was transferred to affiliated companies. The investigation, üniversitebütçesinden ödenemeyen food, cocktails such as the affidavit appeared to be the Rector's Office for payment of expenses foundation.


The investigation report said: "What services are offered to students in exchange for money received prompt, life insurance of $ 12 was built, 78 YTL for Speech and calendar distributed to the students, also said that information services are offered. Provided that the required services to provide IT services is a big part of the state. "

Strengthening Higher Education Assistance Foundation for Development and Secretary Sabrina Paralarıntransferedildiği Kadioglu, Insurance and Brokerage Services Ltd. The Foundation's two companies Dumlupinar of insurance students and other customers must have done, Education and Health Services, Ltd. on August 30. Sti. 'The Speech of the students, a calendar, selling information services, he said.


Expenditure documentation fees for the examination of flowers, drink prices, food costs, such as cocktail prices in the invoices, bills were paid by the foundation. General Directorate of Foundations at the University vakıflarındaki launched an inquiry into improper spending.


Since 2003, the Rector of the University of Dumlupınar Günther First, the defense offered by YÖK, kitapbulmadaki difficulty because of the students said that such a service to offer. With the money collected for registration, registration service, which maintains that there is an interest First, there is no possibility of paying some of the food and cocktail foundation of the cost of equity in accordance with the budget of the university asked Vakıf'tan said. Member of the Supervisory Board of Higher Education Professor. Dr. The leading his report to the President and the Gods Dumanli Muhittin Lightning "u need to be given the decision of reasoning" was asked.

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