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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Embarrassing moments

I watched the news just before the two feathers on end ..
The first one was embarrassing ...

Mehmet Akif Ersoy İstiklal anthem and turn people are asking about the Blue Square ignorance .. .. .. I could not believe the man as 10 people could not read 8i ..
Hani said there were shouts.
Fear does not go out''of this şafaklarda starboard float,
A star falls from the sky, but (!)''
Buddha is not enough .. Arif bilmemne (!) or something he said he had written one of the same people ..
I do not even typing now .. Then went to primary school as a student Marifetmiş okutturdular .. .. 10 -15 years after that, he does not remember anything .. Even the children are going to suffer .. screaming screaming towards the end!
You can come and andımızı Independence Marşımızı ceases to be mandatory ..
Embarrassed ...

A second news ..

Even cry while watching the news came to Ankara in the drop-down Shame Müzesiydi inside .. .. .. Erdal Eren jacket display at the museum, who lived 1980 coup, the state of awaiting execution Marine Gezmiş'in wax statues in that room, even given exhibit .. .. She screams even torture Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits about everything .. Çankayada showcased this date until September 15 hungry ..

Edit: This is the news announcer, while the museum names Kısayürek Necip Fazil said .. or ..
Star News has kutlayasım.
Edit2:Did he That the museum? Yes, to get there.

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