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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome to my 2011:)

Group work to get us a great new year gift:)

Bütüüüüün now collected materials in, have forced our imagination .....

.... Hand in hand we have, have made the exchange of ideas ....

.... A little skill, a little creativity marifetliyiz .... very much:)

My teacher went to the electricity, natural event, there still is time to experiment has arrived:)

One small candle, a glass and teacher of oxygen in the air what it does tell us:)

Yes, We're not aware of and can not see at all, but allows us to breathe oxygen in the air, if oxygen olmazsaaaaaaaa ......

.... Did you see the candle goes out, even then:)

Because even if the candle fire, air and oxygen in the air combined with the burn, but ...

Sürdürebilmemizdeki our lives .... that is the main source of oxygen)

Hour of Turkish 'feelings Canlandıralım' pandomimizle start ....
Come on people sad: (

Aaaa surprised people: O

Hııııı angry people ...

Clock ticking, and time variations of the time tells us ..
One says to us in the rhyme;
Calendar shows the days and months
Tick tock tick tock clock works
Oh, and a yaşlanmasak
What would be nice to live:)

Kitty kitty kitty .... laugh game
My teacher really think we will not stop laughing:)
Kitty kitty kitty, your name is tiny, come a little love you, birazcıkta rose:))

Let's see Emirhan'ı Cindy managed to laugh?

But what if I did not laugh öğretmeniiim the Emir said:)

He laughed at the end of güldüüü güldüüüüüüü:)

Thirteen small bottle sallanıyooor, said one of them fell PAT .... :)

Bottles fell one by one, and no small bottle kalmadıııı ..
Sallanamaaaaaazzz small bottle of Zero:)

Özlem Ülkü friend's mother came to visit us today, and while Aunt brought us all a new year gifts, should not have a very happy and hepimiiiiiiz:)

Already preparing to meet the new year are very excited, even thrilled, and gifts presented to us began to Katy:)

What we have is that Katy, we were very happy, thank you for all our friends seviyoruuuuuzz:)

The idea that our friend for this beautiful Özlem Ülkü Teyze'mizi big applaud and thank you very much:)

Be blessed and happy new year all:)

Of Nilgun şöööyle lesson learned English teachers, and the shapes are to review and re-create the figure of a child ...
This event is very enjoyable, thank Nilgun teacher:)

Yaşasııııııııınnn lesson waiting impatiently ...
Salih Veeeee başlıyooooooooooooorrrrr teachers, fun moments:)

Guess what we're doing:)

Happiness, joy and coşkuuuuuuu:) There is nothing else to say that:)

Tiny butterflies and how much fun we had one day I managed to do what, again, have shown little yüreklerinizle ... Güzellerim my efforts and I congratulate you do, all of you a big kiss ....
Hours later: 21:00 at uyumayaaaaa:)
Good evening everyone ... With Love ......

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