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Monday, December 20, 2010

Drop instead of 'Japanese' Put ...

The old woman, a very strong adhesive Put on by mistake instead of eye drops eyes eye lids stuck together ...

The U.S. state of Arizona, a woman's eyes by mistake instead of eye drops is a very powerful adhesive Put eyelids stuck together.

Mail, according to the news; 70-year-old Irmgard Holm had cataract surgery last year ... Still day elderly women who are using 6 different eye drops, eye drug drop the previous day, while in error, tubes of adhesive into the hands of the Japanese was very similar drugs.

Unaware of women dropping the eyes of the adhesive from catastrophic failure, the drug at a time to spread the open and closed eyes. Then suddenly he realized that something odd in the eyes started to burn.

ADHESIVE layer cut
At the end of the most terrible mistake of overlooking the woman realized that medicine tube in your hand. But I had been doing business ... Quick drying adhesive capable of sticking to a time such as frozen and sealed her eyes were closed.

The eyes of the woman taken to hospital urgently cut from the dried adhesive layer was removed and the remaining waste is a very sensitive intervention was washed to see her again.

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