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Monday, December 20, 2010

Bardakoglu: Do not say Sacrifice

Head of Religious Affairs Ali Bardakoglu, the Feast of the Sacrifice of animals to be cut to reduce danger in case of Turkey, live animal reserve "This year, the victim kesilmeyebilir" said the release could do.

Head of Religious Affairs. Dr. Ali Bardakoglu, the newspaper Hurriyet said before the Feast of the Sacrifice.

Ali Bardakoglu, "cut the animals, live animal reserve in danger of Turkey sokabileceği" started working on the allegations.

Bardakoglu who want to collect data on the subject, "We'll reach a decision as a result of incoming information and assessments we do with them. next week we plan to make a detailed statement, " he said.

Head of Religious Affairs Bardakoglu, said: "Some people 'do not have any objection to cutting'he says, and some 'Do not cut'he says. We will evaluate all sectors. If this year will be the sacrifice of animals, livestock adversely affect the stock occurs as a result, we can also say that our idea in this regard. If I see a danger 'This year, the victim kesilmeyebilir' I say.

Famine, natural disasters and similar developments, depending on the emphasis we do not mind if the victim walks vazgeçilebilmesinin religiously. However, even in the absence of any negative development, especially in female animals should not be sacrificed. Be certain that those who would not be right out of the vicious female victim.

For example, for a while, cutting through the sacrifice vekaletle kesiyorduk Pakiktan'da victim. However, our visit to Pakistan earlier this week at the Prime Minister, Mr. representatives there said: Here, he crosses the victim, the country should not harm people. Because thousands of animals perished due to flooding. Also, we sacrifice animals in the hands of the people she crosses them, if we in fact, well-being, but in the long run will be made of evil. "

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