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Monday, December 20, 2010

The book fair opens today


TUYAP Construction Inc. All Fairs Publishers Association and with the cooperation of Turkey 30 October-7 November 2010 between the TUYAP Fair and Convention Center will be held in Büyükçekmece 29 Istanbul Book Fair Guest of Honour will be the first time a national literature and culture. This year, the architect of the fair Honor author, scientist and writer, Dogan Kuban ...

"Write to Istanbul," set out the theme of the Istanbul Book Fair, opens today bookish doors to innovations.

Guest of Honour of the fair in Spain, 30 October-2 November 2010 between the International Salon will take place. Spain art, music and dance will be the face of the visitors. The four-day events, especially within the scope of one of the leading writers of modern Spanish literature, including chats, concerts, panel discussions, music and dance performances will be held. Julio Llamazares, one of the most popular writers of Spanish literature, winner of Spain's most prestigious award Planeta'yı Puertolas and migrated Soledad, told by women living in big trouble Planeta Prize-winning author Angeles Caso novel writers are expected to come from Spain.

Authors interviews in Turkey will meet with readers. Guest of Honour, as well as interviews in Spain, after the opening ceremony of the important representatives of flamenco with the Spanish music of Bato Tato Manuel Reina and the group will give a concert brings together melodies from Turkey. On the last day of the exhibition in the famous Spanish guitarist Fernando Espi'nin Concert will feature the classical guitar. Rogelio Blanco, Director of the Ministry of Culture Publications of the fair from Spain Spain, among other important guests. Blanco will give a panel of Spanish literature and translation assistance funds.

International Hall, the first four days of the fair between October 30 to November 2 very large number of foreign publishers, copyright agency, translator and author events will take place with the participation of guests that will be the stage. Saloon 'Guest of Honour: Spain' stand, as well as Germany, France, Romania, the European Cultural centers in Istanbul and Italy found a large number of publishing houses.

Hall in the International Forum organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a sectoral meeting. Spain Publishers Association President Antonio Maria de Avila, President of the French Publishers Association (BIEF) Alain Grund, TC Culture and Tourism Ministry Director General Professor of Libraries and Publications. Dr. Onur Bilge Kula, Turkey Association of Press Publishers Association President and Vice President Munir Cetin Tüzüner Üstün participate as a speaker, "Developments in Publishing and New Approaches" held a meeting titled.

International Hall also A. Hanneke van der Heijde Hamdi Tanpınar translators, Gerhard Maier, Maureen Freely, and Abdul Kadir Ümit Yaşar Gözüm'ün Abdelli with the participation of the TEDA Project Manager panel and the Word "Express" from the Balkans to Istanbul Literary Journey "project among the outstanding events.


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