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Monday, December 20, 2010

Farmville killed because of the baby!

Farmville killed because of the baby!

State of Florida to the U.S. city of Jacksonville, Alexandra Tobias (22) by the mother, while playing the game on Facebook called Farmville 3 months bothering her son killed himself. Second degree murder was arrested Tobias, to prevent the crying child to play before the Farmville shaken, the cigarette after drinking a quiet susmayan also continued to shake until his son appeared lifeless.

50 YEARS lie

Turkey is also a large number of farms and the people by establishing their own virtual team of about 70 million people worldwide play biçtikleri FarmVille. Fruit and vegetables are not met on time in the game is building. Now a young woman waiting for a prison sentence of 50 years. The decision will be in December.

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