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Monday, December 20, 2010

"fed" blood refused to ...

Come up, the couple who want to feed on the blood of man fun of ...

25-year-old Robert Mayley living in America, Aaron could not believe his ears to hear they wanted him, Homer and Amanda Williamson.

The two wanted to feed on blood Mayley'in. Binary "no" answer without knowing what the Mayley stabbed.

Williamson, Homer and the police investigation "vampirlikle" said Mayley dealing, double that previously confessed to blood.

Were attacked at night a few times before, as did Homer and Williamson's house saying that the Mayley, vermesiyle recovered from the neighbors call the police.

At first, Homer tells his girlfriend also came under attack, appeared at the end of the real and Mayley'i
bıçakladığını confessed.

Double attack and try to mislead the police to be issued to the court for crimes.

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