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Monday, December 20, 2010

Drip drip flowing football

Resembles a psychological war in the first half of the league game, the Ambulance Alex Survivor ended a goal. Leaving behind many doubts ..

When we look at the scale of the Sivasspor Score of 4 of 5 will make clear where outrights lot, 1-of 0 results leave the field against a weak opponent, could be a matter open to debate. Fenerbahçe tactical devoid of understanding, this fiction is not easy göğüslemesi rope championship.

Core brief look at the overall perspective; Fenerbahce leaning back, closing, rather forced in the face of weak opponents. Spreading wings and a narrow area from the middle of the game being isabetsiz paslaşmalarla short episodes from the final toplarındaki gollum wrong choices, leaving many positions avail.

Waiting taking advantage of the opponent is not right to reward risky football. This is due to miracles even though games kazanılmışlığın kaybedişidir single recital. Recital owner who asked if he, gecikmeyecektir answer. Single-track album's name all the time, Sir Alex De Souza.

Fenerbahce reflected in the richness of a soul in the game, as long as winnings from the hesaplaşmasını, removing the need to make mistakes from truths. In support of an opponent in this game system, leading to goals is an indication that the wrong address.

As for the referee Yunus Yıldırım;

Yunus Yıldırım failed during a match. Foul play consistently raised blood pressure, eye yumarak Sivasspor'lu players. Jahan Sivasspor'lu ball hitting his arm, just sudden death. Trabzonspor Trabzonspor last week in favor of households 3 points penalty as a reflection of unfair, unjust decisions example of honesty.

Lighthouse created by those fighting the wind rush, Fenerbahce are not aware of the light even more aydınlatacağının. Üşüyenler in the middle of the Cold thoughts, even with this head may freeze in the heat of August. However, the development of football on behalf of the bright ideas, means more heat.

Yellow card, red card and whistle at home, forget the referee Referee Yunus Yıldırım is a real need to eat bread oven for a few. Yunus Well done!

As a result,

Drip drip flowing football is not fun. Xenon lights of the lighthouse, such as the summit of the league aydınlatmıyor yet. The display of this landscape, the existing light environment, the football light cameras more visible.

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