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Monday, December 20, 2010

Who is more successful?

Economics or finance you'll appreciate that every artery formation. Is not without it .. When you are victorious böbürleniyor, you will not accept rich edasıyla deal .. Even your "boss", "emperor", and you are given the names of this "air" and are willing to continue.
Just to continueDid he?
Eyes staring right at her, looks down at the can become ..
Of course, this is a subject of culture ..
Conversely, "grows küçülenler" e also to be found.
No, dear, do not misunderstand. Konumuz not personal ..
Our business is sports activities and takımlarımızdan'm talking about football ..

Accusative suffix attention on the scale of value;

1. Fenerbahce at the time, 148 million euros
2. Sports at the time, 124 million euros
3. Sports at the time, 111 million euros
4. Trabzonspor at the time, 66 million euros

As you can see Trabzonspor, Fenerbahce also less than half of the others until a full half of the total value of a football team. And between them completed the first half of the league in points, so inversely proportional to the difference ..

So, in wealth, money, or, to some extent in securities ..
Behold "is not without it, " said, or at the beginning of our article .. So that it does not happen.

Organization can be less valuable, very valuable people can pass can not be organized.
Then factor in this business in the other instruments ..
Whatdid you?
Friendship, friendship, being a team, team spirit ..

That's why I congratulate Senol Gunes Student Groups .. Of course, my friend also .. Unal Karaman

Senol the Turkish national team in the third world teacher, or someone in the first half, leading his Trabzonspor'la continues to embarrass himself güvenmeyenleri .. Unal Karaman also, of course ..

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