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Monday, December 20, 2010


Back and forth between heaven and hell for weeks watching a Fenerbahce. The difference between the points leader in the loss of Carter derdindeki Sivasspor'a 12, takipçisiyle would be 7 points. This is for Fenerbahce in the "hell" meant. "Paradise" in the hopes of winning this game one way or another, or in other words, the circuit between the drug through the eyes of maintaining bakmaktı.

Aykut big, forced Emma-Gökay, Caner-Santos, Lugano-Bakr changes are in the last weeks and the team wants to throw the land of the dead on the contrary, Fenerbahce had a fixed pitch in the first half. Intentional fouls, including some of the cards are shown back to this increased resistance to Sivasspor.

Resetting the power struggles between the struggling defender Niang 3. In this case, let us hitting the ball, not even waiting for a miracle to stay alive.

Wrestling müsabakasını be obtained from like, intentional fouls that are not on the cards, spend time in a salt-pepper was also Sead'ın goalkeeper. Sivasspor, but not in the game, head straight to the dressing room while outside the chest, while Fenerbahce eyvaaah! Dedirtti.

The second semi-ite-stool and occasional single-pass organization has found a nice little Fenerbahce positions had a vitality. Jennifer everything this team. Defender steps on the offensive upside down everywhere .. Run Jenny Run ... And the others? Alex's superb free kick goal in the Fenerbahce was perhaps the rope. After all three points next to the expensive shoe Cristian Santos and pleasing to understand that.

Kondisyonuydu players in this team's strength. Now the team's fitness and what your friends have the power nor the player .. Woe to become Fenerbahce.

Did you ask what condition everything? Alex, Gokhan Gonul Cristian birazcıkta whether this team? Behold the team game, where the heart? Heads elsewhere! Even in recent days wearing the leader's head teacher penaltılarına Aykut. Drop your own game you look at his opponent teacher. Fire your own team ..

7 / 24 Fenerbahce supporters who think you have the shield with him to lay down with him. They can not, such as Fenerbahce, but maybe give yourself at least 90 minutes .. Let's not fight the whole 90 minutes of the last 20 minutes ...

Finally, the heart slice varmasa elsewhere also tell the player 's one thing leads to go where I am happy with my brother!

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