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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bursaspor going to Congress on January 6

Bursaspor Club, Extraordinary Congress will be on January 6, 2011.
Bursaspor Ordinary Congress of the court, the club from this process and prevent damage to the extraordinary congress decided to restore confidence.

Bursaspor Club Board of Directors, gave land to the Congress on January 6, 2011. If a quorum not be achieved on January 6 in the congress will be held on January 13. Bursaspor did not want to explain the name of a manager, as the board of directors held on January 6 to January 13, they were gathered and confirmed that they received the decision of the extraordinary congress.


The club's former chairman Recep Günay, 40 other men due to deletion of the club membership Bursa 1 First Instance Criminal Court opened the case, the ordinary general assembly on June 9, 2009 resulting in the cancellation of the case was decided.

Bursaspor Club, on the local court to appeal against the decision, the case today, the Supreme Court 7 Department of Law were seen. Lawyers attended the court lasted about 20 minutes, the two sides. The court said the president explain the decision within 7 days.

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