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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turkish companies took action

U.S. House of Representatives likely to come up today in the Armenian bill, lobbying''war''between the Turkish and Armenian organizations launched.

Events of 1915 as''genocide''to recognize that the U.S. wants the bill, the Assembly today is expected to collect the last time the news of the agenda may come, from the first minute of Turkish organizations in the United States mobilized.

Turkish organizations in extensive contacts with members of Congress, encourages Americans to support and Turks.

Common made a statement, the Turkish community in the United States to take action urging President Günther Evinch Assembly of Turkish American Associations (Pride) and the President of the Federation of Turkish American Associations (FTAA), Kaya Boztepe, Turks, Americans and Turks toplumunundan friendly, searching for members of Congress, a stand against the bill wanted to call to get.

To do this,''https: / / writerep.house.gov / writerep / welcome.shtml''preparing the address of the two organizations, members of Congress to call, text message, even released details of what it takes to state.

Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) in the Turkish-friendly Americans and the Turks, the prepared text just by typing the names and addresses, e-mail to members of Congress called for throwing or fax attract.

In addition, Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office with members of Congress who want to restrict calls from TCA,''Pelosi concern over the bill came to the Assembly of Turkish-Americans veTürkiyeile an insult''to express the desire to bring this one-sided agenda called for the bill.


However, the bill to come to the agenda of the House of Representatives the power consumption of all the Armenian organizations in the United States listelerindekilere an e-mail, sending e-mails addressed to the names.

The people around them asking them to invite all friends and friends of the Armenian organizations also help to them, just hours before the start of the study lists the Assembly at this time everyone began to look for the phone.

Automated message from the people, the bill calls to members of Congress who want to give support to the Armenian organizations, those who accepted the method of the Convention on the phone dial phones, directs members.

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