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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Osmangazi'de 7 illegal buildings demolished

Bursa Osmangazi Municipality Building Control Bureau of the central teams, the seven counties illegally destroyed the building.
Force-sponsored destruction Dikkaldırım Agile teams, and Yunuseli neighborhood Güneştepe was performed. The first stop was the teams Hüdavendigar District Building Control Office. Robert O Ceyhan across the street here. "belonging to the two-storey building were destroyed illegally. Then, last teams Güneştepe Quarter, where street Yaman, 4 Sema unnamed street and 688 street leak detected 3 pieces of destroyed buildings.

Yunuseli neighborhood street in Cihangir, 7 Selim Aygün street and illegal structures are determined on the street were burned one by one. Osmangazi Municipality Directorate of Health Affairs, were present during the ambulance destruction. Owners of illegal structures during demolition, some tears pour, and some watched helplessly the destruction of illegal structures.

The authorities are determined to continue the destruction of illegal structures explained.

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