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Friday, January 7, 2011

ZEYNEP Alasya "SuskuN"

Long-term after a preliminary study, "David Alasya" his first solo album, "Silence," produced by Seyhan Music uREC Music producer and released.

Melissa Kibar'la professional musical life come together, starting the first day, "David Alasya"
The first album, music assistants, and team mates MELKİProdüksiyonda tanıştığıMelih Kibar'ın Alpine Yenier and Alpay's direktörlüklerinde Göltekin'in Prodüksiyonstüdyolarında prepared REC Music.

"Silence" in 8 of the 11 words of the song "David Alasya" is the signature.
Since 2008, "Silence" working for "David Alasya of" album includes 11 songs. Cemil Durmuş, Tolgahan Kinay and songwriter Jennifer Zincir'e 8şarkının outside of the words "David Alasya." All music and arrangements of songs and iseAlp Yenier
Alpay is Göltekin'in signatures. Songwriting and yorumculuğunun a song out of the "David Alasya" emerges as a composer.

"Silence" Ünen important feature of the words "real" is an album of songs based on the emotions and events. "David Alasya" t listened to this album, self-sure to look for something, so birçoksound'a pop'dansoft-rock musical taste and to be found.

First clip of the album's name in the song "Silence" a shot.

"David Alasya" nınilk solo album, "Silence" from the name of the album's first video clip, music, and arrangement of the words Cemil Durmuş'a Yenier'e Alpine's "Silence" was filmed by aBaran Gündüzalp. Elmadag 2 a day, Taksim, Beyoglu, Dolmabahce Palace, the Galata Bridge and the captured video clip Tophane "David Alasya" yaYener Gursoy and roses, accompanied Dudarık. Album kartonetindeyer the "David Alasya" photographs of photographers FAULT
Emma pulled Göloğlu. The album's all visuals as a creative director, Jennifer worked for the chain.

Press photographs of the art direction of the Honor Ercoşkun Yavuzlar'ın Berin,
Rain prepared a special decoration pulled Yapım'ın plateau in Beyoglu.
"David Alasya" s first solo album, "Silence," the third week of December 2010 took place in the music market.


Born in Istanbul in 1976.
Theatre and film actor and singer Zeki Alasya Alasya'nın daughter of Oya.

Beyoglu Anatolian High School and graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Glass.

He studied piano between the ages of 5-11-solfege.
Melih Kibar was a professional music career.
During this period, Tulay Uyar'dan derslerialdı glory. During the same period began to write lyrics.

Many ad jingles and performing experiences in the first Melissa Kibar'ın "Nine in the morning hours," the last album called "One of the look had enough," sang the song.

Republic, 80 Melih Kibar composed by the occasion of "80th Anthem of the year, "wrote the words of.

Sezen Aksu domestic and overseas between 2005-2006 as a concert singer appeared on stage.

The first album Göltekin began with preparations for the way his friends and Alpay Alp Yenier.

And the number of ad jingelları music still continues to voice.
"Silence," the name of the REC's produced his first solo album, produced by Seyhan Music has released the first week of December 2010.

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