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Friday, January 7, 2011

SUPPORT IS OZKOK university thesis ERTUĞRUL porno?

I asked a few friend from the University of Knowledge. "Was it really hard porn or erotic Was?" Watches did not say.

Front and obscene ideas

'U-porn', ie, "free university" event, like every Turkish citizen, I'm watching with interest.

He did not see the movie.

I saw a photo in the newspapers.

Shut your face, I saw a girl garter.
I asked a few friend from the University of Knowledge.
"Was it really hard porn or erotic Was?"
Watches did not say. Only the "soft part of the can," they said.

* * *
Weird ...
The first thing that came to my mind when I read this story, "Strawberry Statement" (Strawberries and blood) was the movie.
When I went to Paris in 1970 and watched as a scholarship student he was one of the first two films.
Film at a university in San Francisco, told the end of the resistance of the bloody ending of students.
There, as I always thought the University of Berkeley.
According to others, some universities all over the world, "more liberal" has ideas and traditions.
"Information" is such a university.
In the past, Turkey's memorizes break, paradigm-shaking has hosted some of the meetings.
Received from the public criticism, the support for intellectual backgrounds.
This is normal. Even better.
A question to my mind was thinking of them wicked.
"Turkey's Armenian genocide did" arrange a meeting to accept a more risky, or "graduation thesis to allow the withdrawal of soft-porn movie?"
Which can undermine the foundations of the state more?
Accept the denial for years, an event or a personal moral issue?
He did not shake the foundations of the meeting of the state. But judging by the current developments, "U-porn", that is a matter of morality, has shaken the foundations of the university.

* * *
So who is both open and obscene ideas into the agenda of the university students in Turkey?
At the end of this year's ÖSYS, the first 2000 people who've looked at the number of students entering private universities.
The first 2,000 students in the most "credentials, Bilkent University," received (252 students).
Fatih University with 202 students followed him.
There are 147 students in third place with the Koç University. Yeditepe University with 132 students is watching him.
Attention! Bilgi University is right behind them with 79 students.
TOBB Economics and Technology University with 64 students in her watching.

* * *
You can tell, this university has chosen 79 of Turkey's most brilliant students.
In contrast, this year the same university were forced to fill quotas. Accounted for 69 percent of first preferences, but doldurabilmiş quotas.
Mehmet Haberal Baskent University, founded by 76 percent, established Bedrettin Dalan
Percent of Yeditepe University
91 completed.
The founder of one of prisoners, the other abroad ...
State judging them, but their families built their confidence just continues to universities.
Koc, Sabanci and Beytepe universities and filled almost all of the quotas.

* * *
I will say, "My brother tell you what you want? Destekliyorsun porn university thesis? "
No, never desteklemiyorum.
I mean the following.
- "Liberalliğin" to make the title, always one to one relationship between the quality does not happen.
- Turkey's most successful students, he thought of the people, the ones that dominate the government is doing is looking at their preferences freely without saying.
- "Liberal" tradition pornoyu also must be careful to cover a cover.
- Look at this unique event, the university also harcamamalıyız immediately.
So I'm:
I would never let such an argument ... I do not think the world is to allow the university.
However, as part of this thesis was to shut down the hurried pell kalkmazdım culture.

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