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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yes, I gave 20 thousand dollars, Ece

VATAN, Ece Erken'e 20-30 thousand dollars in the TRNC casino luck businessman allegedly gave money arrived. D.U. by businessmen, "Yes, Ece 20-30 thousand dollars, but no one gave a wrong thing to understand, he's my brother, "he said

Celebrity server Ece Demet Akalin Erken'in last week, and Mehmet Ali Erbil had been claimed by an offensive message. Erken'in message, Akalın'a 'light woman' to be a word, to Erbil, the "pedophile" his been driven forward. The court moved to the halls of this event took place ettiğiyle Why was raised about other than a claim.

Allegedly, Ece Early in the TRNC to give it a shot into a casino, this place has started to gain 20 thousand dollars as a businessman had given money Erken'e chance. Talking about money from the businessman Erken'e Arbil, a new row ateşlemişti rod.

Twitter page, quoted anonymously in the event of Arbil Akalin "Götüüür 20-30 thousand dollars" had been the ones typing. The server on the famous "Do not gossip about me," he an offensive message sent to Arbil. Early sharply denied all these allegations, "the journalists in Cyprus every time I, my friends and my team had. No one witnessed such an incident had happened? Single Mali'mi şahitmiş. This is all slander, "he said. All of these developments on the chance to benefit from the alleged Erken'e eyes turned businessman. VATAN reached a businessman and he asked what happened at the casino. That businessman D.U. 's told:

"There are cameras"

Ece Early Feast of the Sacrifice with casinos in Cyprus, Mehmet Ali abi (Arbil) met on the occasion. Hello, we said hello, that's all. When I received also did not know I had been gambling, the luck of seven strangers give money, Mehmet Ali Abi knows me. Ece also did not give as malevolent. I took the chance to benefit. Mehmet Ali Abi, I, Ece Early and gambling played a few more friends in the TRNC. Ece at that time was often Cratos'a to television footage. You always were welcomed.

Ece Do not get me wrong, but do not you my brother. He says to me, brother. But it is very important to my brother, Mehmet Ali. The fact that royal flush poker table, 2 times, 1 times in the street, I found the flush. I won 60 thousand dollars. Ece, but my brother did with me as a gesture gesture that moment I did, no wantonness. I threw money, but also had the chance to others. Ece chance of moving forward I do not know exactly how much money amount. 'Cause I threw the different casinos. Maybe maybe 30 thousand dollars to 20 thousand dollars.

For example, Ece, Cratos 13 thousand dollars in one night, the casino cage break my chip, or 8 thousand dollars Rocks Casino. Already there are images of images in the camera, all casino. But believe me I do not know how much in total. In fact, to tell them but I do not want to üzülmesini Mehmet Ali Abi was telling the victim. Already in all these events taking place at our side brother, Mehmet Ali. "

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