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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Working Journalists Day Today

January 10 is celebrated as the Day of Working Journalists.

50 years ago to improve the status of the journalists on 10 January announced the entry into force of Law No. 212 of the Working Journalists' Day, now celebrated as the Day of Working Journalists.

Journalists' Day on the Cumhurbaşanı Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement.

President Abdullah Gul, the protection and promotion of press freedom and freedom of expression, democratic social order, he said one of the most important requirements.

According to the statement made by the Presidential Press Centre, Rose, Jan. 10 message to employees released because of the Journalists' Day. The press, an important and effective control of body position, indicating that the Rose is one of the basic elements of democracy, but democracy, everyone can reach the information, the idea of an environment açıklayabildiği olgunlaşabileceğini stressed.

Rose, the existence of a free press and all kinds of media to serve as a routing and remote printing to the performance, a more healthy functioning of the regime, the rise of standards in terms of increasing importance and sensitivity of public opinion was expressed.

Written and visual, as well as the size of the virtual environment is a serious progress in the Turkish press, stating that there are valuable contributions to the development of the country's past to Rose, the largest share of the media reached the level of his duty, regardless of the conditions of the employees said they would press who devotedly.

Work of journalists, Turkey, transparent, democratic and free services that maintain the dynamism of a country, the press workers solve the problems of his rights, improving the living conditions and working environments, they deserve kavuşturulmasının media will make that point even stronger, Gul said:

'To protect and promote press freedom and freedom of expression, democratic social order is one of the most important requirements. This point is also directly related to the rise of our country's reputation. The press, the public's attention and take in the presentation of the problems discussed freely, will reduce the mistakes.

Some shortcomings in the scope of freedom of the press and freedom of expression, democracy develops, the problems raised I think that will disappear. Country as a basic goal, to reach the most advanced democratic standards to emphasize once again that I see.

Another important point is to protect freedom of the press not to abuse this freedom, as well as the news-making, impartiality, respect for private life, superior shall maintain the principles of society and individuals, such as the right to wink.

This understanding will always be conscious of the responsibilities of the Turkish press, the country of democracy, rule of law and human rights continue to believe that contributions to the efforts to reach the most advanced standards.

Working Journalists Day, congratulate the employees of the press, the press lost their lives while working commemorate its employees, employees of all press send my love and my regards. "

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the media that there is democracy, "Democracy is at risk or in the freedom of the media, is under threat, 'he said.

According to the statement of the Prime Ministry Press Center, January 10 because of Working Journalists Day message published by Erdogan, in a country where not only the ruling and opposition parties, media organizations said that it is an integral part of the democratic culture.

Media organizations have responsibility and liability for the healthy functioning of democratic processes, indicating that Erdogan, said:

'Because the media, there is democracy, democracy or freedom of the media is at risk, is under threat. Therefore, culture media, democracy, brotherhood, union publications to avoid harm, unlike the Republic should contribute to a more advanced democracy crowned. The media should be part of democracy, law, human values, rights and freedoms must be side.

Changing with each passing day, becomes, in every field of fundamental rights and freedoms, particularly in times of great advances in today's Turkey, renew itself in our media, should adopt a contemporary understanding of publishing.

In this respect the law governing the rights of the press workers Working Journalists Day, celebrating the anniversary of entry into force, all the press mensuplarımıza wish you success. "

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