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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turkish printed in The Satanic Verses

To be a death fatwa on Salman Rushdie published in 1988 and published the book, Turkish

The name of the publishing world, no one ever heard of a publishing house, the Black Sun Press, Salman Rushdie's controversial novel, Devil on the website at karagunesbasim.blogspot.com yayımlayacağını Ayetleri'ni announced.

Radical newspaper reports that he "will not broadcasting in Turkey's daughter described him as" the Black Sun Press, 28 January 2011, declared that the devil yayımlayacağını Ayetleri'nin Turkish edition of the site also uploaded the cover.

Salman Rushdie's magical realist techniques, published in 1988, the Muslim holy book Quran verses Kerim'deki's fourth novel, The Satanic Verses reinterpret sparked intense controversy. Founding leader of the Islamic State of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, in 1989, and publishers of all Muslims to kill Rushdie, in durumdaysalar öldüremeyecek themselves, kill people invited to inform the book's publisher and translators in different countries had been assaulted.

Black Sun Devil Ayetleri'ni Basım'ın first to publish the book launch in Turkey, which are mandatory for every Ministry of Culture has to be bandrolünü. However, such an application such as whether the publishing house, a publishing house by the presence of the Black Sun Printing Publishers Association records rastlanmıyor Turkey.

Author and publisher Cem Akas, sefinsalatasi.blogsot.com site address will be published book, "Where is Satan?" After announcing the title of VS Turkey, the advent of the debate reminding Naipaul'ün "Satan Ayerleri'ni turn, publish, even in the hands of very few would comprehend the printed copy of the form I had to move yeltenebileceklerin.

There apparently was not so crazy - 'Black Sun Printing' called, is someone I would not know who they are, were preparing to release the book on January 28, "he says.

Wikileaks will be published METHOD IS?
This news could not reach for the book publishers, such as what format the book be published and even, in fact, even yayımlanmayacağını yayımlanıp not been able to confirm. We applied the opinions of the author Süreyyya Evren, Turkish translation of the devil Ayetleri'nin be published via the internet and it expects to do similar methods WikiLeaks.

"I think such initiatives in the world after WikiLeaks-normal," said the Universe according to the "Satanic Verses, such as the ban prohibits the internet merkezsizliğinde take a strange state. I guess young people from Turkey and the various nationalities in different countries of the international cyber friends, translated the book in an e-network, or çeviriyordur, dozens yayımlayacaklardır mirror site at the same time. And İdefiks, not to sell the book are serious about selling e-book version of the cannon will remain! "

Turkey, currently the only Muslim country in the world satılabildiği Satan Ayetleri'nin English edition. Can Rushdie's novels are published by Metis Publications Publications and after the incident, but in 1989, Rushdie's Turkish translation of the book to two publishers did not attempt. Rushdie's already going to the United States and Britain over the years to support the neo-liberal line of warriors, in 2007 by Queen Elizabeth, "his services to literature" to be declared because Knight is a figure showing the size and moved to New York turn into fashion parties, its argued that the literary and political identity, gradually reduced the number of people who defended Rushdie.

Rushdie's publishers in Turkey, publications manager of Carter Can Oz, a book of Satan, and not in themselves yayımlamayacaklarını Ayetleri'nin broadcast rights, he says. Internet publication of the book by Öz, an event that brings to mind WikiLeaks'i. "Like it or not in the censorship Beğenseniz imkansızlaşması 'means that, subject konuşacağımızı I think a lot more in the coming days," says Self.

Barbara Anderson is the author reached an agent in London, Rushdie's book without permission from the publishers guarantee you will be pressing the case in the original text would disappear and it says that talking about the possibility of a provocation. "At that time for this solicitation, the purpose of writing literature, and remote, is raw desire," said Anderson, the rights of Rushdie's book reminds me of that presentation: Wylie Agency. But the agency, because it is during the Christmas holidays to publish the book in Turkish, is that the questions left unanswered.

As of last week, Wikipedia and dictionary sites, Wikipedia articles of The Satanic Verses, the book included information about the January 2011 ISSUE by the Black Sun Printing. However, in order to confirm this information is not possible now. Sites book, "28 January 2011, published this alengirli novel, a new test for intolerance to be in Turkey," in the words announcing the publishing house, this job is a 'challenge' as the names the. If the book is actually published, this' challenge okuma'nın events created by the curiosity and concern in advance.

18 YEARS Saved
1988 Salman Rushdie, Satanic Verses'ı fourth novel, published in the UK. Criticisms of the novel won the Booker Prize nominated for Best Whitbread'i.
1988 Muslims who think that religion is an insult immediately began to protest against the novel. The book was banned in India.
In February 1989 a large demonstration in Pakistan and then Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, Salman Rushdie and the publishers of the 'killing of a duty' fatwa was published.
1989 Salman Rushdie began to hide under police protection.
Book's Japanese translator Hitoshi İgarashi 1991 killed, wounded the Italian translator, Ettore Capriolo.
Norwegian publisher William Nygaard narrowly escaped assassination in 1993,
Aziz Nesin Turkish çevirteceğini 1994 book said, of course, pandemonium broke out.
1994 Light Newspaper, has released a summary of the book in three days. Distribution of the newspaper, denied, the case was opened against.
2006 Salman Rushdie no longer gizlenmeyeceğini said. Iran, the fatwa was still valid ...

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