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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Turkey Turkish

I am now looking to date while there was a mixed day in our country as well as the main important issues you would like to share köşemde one of our problems ...

"Turkey Turkish" I say, because the language is undergoing changes to stay completely under the influence of other languages.

The main language in the development of human life and personality has a lot of very important. The language well enough understood and generally around the people who use the language well enough to establish a healthy relationship, according to other people who are more successful in life.

In their own language well and know the proper use of an important benefit of learning a foreign language kolaylaştırmasıdır. Most of the foreign language of the people around you look like this much better able to use the mother tongue.

Indeed, effective and streamlined infrastructure of a foreign language teaching, language training, creates a good home.

Yahya Kemal's well-known poets of Turkish literature, "Turkish mother's milk in my mouth," he yücelttiği, Fazil Husnu Dağlarca'nın the "Turkish flag my voice saying," as well as both yücelttiği kutsallaştırdığı our language today, or we dont like it or not show enough interest, the decision is yours. İnsanlarımızda Turkish love of today, the main language, sense of language awareness and sensitivity Is there enough?

So that we are not conscious enough about the proper use of Turkish, Turkish, love and the exaltation of the tenderer not enough.

Language learning provides control of our brain

Language learning is very important. Brain controls language, develops the idea by changing styles. Constitute the main language of the inner fabric of the social structure. But day by day grow gelişmektense Türkçemiz constantly getting weaker. Maybe I'll be a day that day in our country do not live in any foreign language is not Turkish sızlamayacak bones is discussed and is written?

Shortcomings in terms of education and language awareness in Turkey, Turkish, and a serious threat to Turkey's future.

"We now have a little more informed on these issues, please let ..."

Issues such as empty geçmektense Agenda magazine;

Important issues such as training in Fine Türkiye'mde thoroughly thought constantly in mind to be connected to a conclusion.

If our country does not return, even with our language, and Turkish languages, the words of foreign countries by choosing our words when I say shame on us is using. We do not know the value of the world's oldest languages and Turkish, Turkish birsine but not like we have been using, such as Turkish or Turkche, Trkce, Turkisce, etc. Törkiş. in the form ...

I think our hair first before leaving the house every day, our heads düzeltmektense learn our language and our language Take care of the correct and proper use ...

Otherwise, the End ...

Writing moments on the one hand while writing this article, my friend was talking with Dow. Beginning of an incident to me about it and talked about lessons from this incident, I listened with great excitement, and I would like to share with you.

Dow is working in Istanbul, an airline company. Yesterday passengers from Paris to go while you are a passenger Didem "You speak Turkish very nice lady," he said. Dow looks of the bewildered "Thank you, very good, but okay," replied the form of ...

Turkish man is actually a little man who spoke to Dow for a long time because of the job, learning to live in Paris. The man next to English language very well, speaking of a few. Turkish, the main language spoken, but for a long time to forget ...

Dow, I have heard to get out of our language and know the value of our language began to think that ...

We lived on our own soil, even our language, of Turkish as the language of our brothers and sisters living in other lands of Turkish as unable to go into how to have not!?

I ask you, our valuable readers;

Are Unfair?

Turkish, where my country is kept

Take care of the prisoners of our language and other languages should not let it happen. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,'ll be get out, such as Nazim Hikmet şereflendiren In Turkish people, and counting ... Let's be

Türkçemi hiding place where you have hidden interests and give it back to Turkey, I "Turkey Turkish", not "Turkey 's Turkish" I want to ...

Give me back Türkçemi too late ...

Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said about it;

"Turks say, is language. One of the distinctive qualities of nationality is language. Turkish nationality who says that he, first and foremost and always speak the Turkish language. "

"Turkish nation, Turkish. Turkish language in the world's most beautiful, richest and easiest one is the language may be. So all the Turkish, the language of love and so it tries to upgrade. One of the Turkish language, to the Turkish nation is a sacred treasure. Because the Turkish nation spends endless disasters in the moral values, traditions, memories, interests in short, today the quality of the nation itself, thanks to the language you see is protected. Turkish Language, Turkish nation, heart, brain. "

"Our goal is to uncover the richness of Turkish language of self, between her world languages, value eriştirmektir decent height."

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