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Monday, January 3, 2011


The aircraft carries out a shout-Istanbul flight to Ercan alarmed police.

SEDA-Sayan AND OF lover plane bomb threat

Along with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ercan Airport with 106 passengers in the evening hours of departure time, the THY TK 5407 Istanbul aircraft Airbus A 319 type passenger seat on the cabinet officers handwritten "have a bomb on board, 45 minutes after the burst," a written They found a shout.

Cabinet officers, the pilot immediately reported the situation. Then the pilot reported the situation by contacting the authorities. On receipt of information to note recognition of the priority of the plane landing aircraft 20:13 hours in a safe area and were reduced to Ataturk Airport.


Passengers waiting at the airport where the plane waited for a while and yönlendiridi halls. Cabin by the police to be done in comparison with the shouts of the famous names, including expressions of the passengers were taken and samples of handwriting. Brought under the X-ray device in the plane with the passengers' baggage was searched in detail.

Celebrities UÇAKTAYDI

Among the passengers on board Seda Sayan, "Oya Basar, Tariq Ünlüoğlu, I boarded the plane and my manager Steylo Pipis to come to Istanbul from Cyprus. Stelyo lavobaya aircraft to go to my manager stood up and turned back to face bembayazdı and me" on board an exceptional situation there, "he said. We have a breakdown on the plane but I thought the bomb threat did not even mind the tip. Then one of the hostesses, English paper with a note" there is an aircraft 45 minutes after the bomb will explode, "were written at a time when you said everyone stood up, wake up.." The second announcement made at the time of descent of the aircraft exit doors and stairs yanaşacağı asked us to leave the plane, leaving everything. When I heard this ürktüm thoroughly. Everyone strained. Already at the time New Year's program will go to Ankara for a lady "on January 5-6 binmeyin said the plane" When I think of this question and I began to experience panic. All çantalarımızı re-opened X-Ray'da searched. TC ID numbers were included, the address and phone numbers left, "he said.


Lavobaya hostesses at the time he stood up to go to the blocking of voicing Pipis Stelyo famous manager, "We had something unpleasant. Lavobaya lady hostess could not go after half an hour per aircraft takeoff, he said. Important There is a situation they do not reveal the situation worse. Ceilings boşaltılar and aircraft to go to a strange began. Distraught, we have destroyed. you searched for every thing we have made to us. We had a terrible thing. I thought I'll die but God saved us, "he said.

Mehmet Ali Erbil LAST TIME ride Shrugged

Meanwhile, the bomb threat at the last moment given up on the plane and another plane ride to Istanbul Northern Cyprus, Mehmet Ali Erbil, stating that, "an event that will live inside an aircraft had been born poor. Very lucky." he said. He boarded the waiting vehicle Arbil, get in his car and then could not stop himself from making prank. THY's famous introduction to the music of Arbil, saying the car's face hit the glass.

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