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Monday, January 3, 2011

Aysun Kayacı docked TELEKULAK'A

Regulating prostitution, the police operation against gangs in Istanbul, Recep Yazicioglu, President Ahmet Koksal Ozturk Adnan Kahveci Platform has identified gang affiliated with the technical follow-up was Öztürk. Send technical follow-up telephone conversation with the police often engaged in phone conversations mahken J Kayacı'nın installed and made phone calls Kayacı nedeniye "enthuse gang" allegedly faced.


Vatan newspaper reached its safe Kayacı'nın expression. Ahmet Koksal Ozturk Kayacı Florya sitting in the neighbor stating that, his comments about himself to prevent his father said he wanted to help Ozturk. Send Kayacı'nın a phone with his speech, "Today I am a little stuck in my head that you know or do not have phone conversations about the car, he told. Alıyorlarmış them 6 months back, backward-looking. Then I lie you know shes like shes of being wrong. Alıyolar a breakdown of the talks What konuştuğumuda here are taking a mobile phone, "he says. Send in the, "OK, take it. After all the drivers with my phone, but maybe aramışsındır karıştırmışsındır course, full hatırlayamamışsındır. These are not things so much," he responds.

Ozturk between rock and lawyers to deal with the issue in a telephone conversation about another conversation for a while and then Ozturk, "You break it free bi Did I pass I uğrarım you home. It Can not talk on the phone," he says. Reminders of this conversation on the testimony of the police, "my dad about the guardianship case, my statement is planned to open a retrospective of my father from me wishes I bahsedecektim When applying. They wanted evidence to confirm that. For this reason, demand for telephone conversations to sign retroactive dumps," he said.

FOR FATHER was talking with the gang

His father was out of TV programs are some of Bekir Kayacı'nın negative comments about himself to make angry phone calls this gang against his father azmettirdiği Kayacı'nın been driven forward. Last month, Organized Crime Branch of rock testified for 4 hours.

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