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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tarkan's new image!

Joe lives in 2010, he said some events that upset

POPSTAR Tarkan, Ajda Pekkan Christmas / New Year for the evening will give a concert at a hotel in Kyrenia, Turkish Airlines (THY), a plane belonging to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is gone.

Journey of answering journalists' questions before the Ataturk Airport International Terminal in 2010, Joe said he experienced some events that upset, "As everyone knows, I had some unfortunate incidents. There is a silver lining in everything, and I'm moving my way. These unfortunate events that happened to live in a better position on some issues. But in 2010 and gave concerts in the new album made me very happy. All rhymes likely. This is me this year, the event was happy, "he said.
Yaşanılanları in Turkey in 2010 to evaluate, "the developments in Turkey, there are some issues seems to have very great unrest. Eagerly waiting for what will happen. I do not want to address these issues too. God willing, Turkey on many issues and reach the prosperity of this country would be a territory without distinction. Because everyone is a son of this land and I hope the year 2011 is the year of peace. Hand in hand, everyone learns to live in this country, "he said.


One journalist, "the closure decision was made with sand for Allianoi. What is your opinion about this decision? "On the question of Joe, said:
"Allianoi, Hasankeyf and HES campaigns Made us very uncomfortable. Destruction of our country our natural destruction. Allianoi hopefully saved. Many conservationist and nature lovers are in the fight for these regions, hopefully saved. Kurtarılırsa Those places will be saved in many places like this. The destruction of the natural beauty of our country makes me sad. There is a problem in the world about it. The fact that it curls in the world. Mankind has become too small for us and the world we live in areas with increasing population and began to destroy the natural beauties. We are, of course, the world had forgotten his own nature derdimizdeyiz. Wakes up late and come to ourselves "


"What are your expectations in 2011, the question of" Joe, "myself and I wish everyone health. No happiness without health does not taste of anything. I wish peace for my country.'m Sorry I have to watch on TV news channels. I hope everyone joining hands and live in peace in the territory of this country," the answer to gave.


Will give a concert on the evening of New Year's Eve in TRNC Ajda Pekkan speaking with Joe, "War and had made a surprise concert, Mr. Ajda Pekkan'a did a duet with him. I also came to offer such a 'why not' I said, and will be a really nice concert, "he said.

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