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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Taking private lessons for Arabic songs

Cyprus-based British citizen, Ziynet Sali'ye English, Spanish and Greek, not enough to say, now works in the Arabic song

Singer Ziynet Tuesday, comes amid high hopes in 2011. "Enough to us," the album now, ENBE Orchestra album, sang songs and his Miracles Akalın'la düetle finds its place high on the agenda Tuesday, "very brave when it comes to music. Do not know of any rule," he says.

Album pre-fashion was out singles. Is success more easily play a single song?
My album will be released in April, but while Roger Akçıl'la got a very good synergy, and "Enough to us" did not want to wait more than sing. I wanted to get all the fans before New Year's gift. But there are 4 different versions of a single song.

At the same time British citizen. Do you intend to work for foreign market?
Of course, I think. Origin is a citizen of Cyprus and the UK. Her mother was there. Cosmic come from a culture. Share it, is a product out that Turkey would like to do something to step outside the boundaries of their own. I do not like to talk big, but I want spoken by doing great things.

Musician ID has come forward, or popular identity?
Trying to keep balance. Very evcimenim. There is a also have the trappings of Ziynet Tuesday. A different world when I'm on stage. Pharaoh is revealed inside. I can not explain that power. As I can myself under the spell of fame, the winds kaptırmıyorum. My foot presses firmly on the ground. I'm working Spirütüel. Very stuck on the size of the energy, spirit trying to improve my level.

You say on stage singing in different languages. How do you decide which language to say?
According to the changing environment. English, Spanish, Greek say. Now I'm learning Arabic. In the meantime, while also taking dance lessons.

There are major conflicts arising from competition in the world of pop and the fights. Where is the place for you? According to what position you get?
Yarışmıyorum anybody. I love to be different. If you make something different, then you will succeed. In the sense you are singing songs katıyorsanız successful. The next day whether I fight one day in this market being buddy muhabbetini never understand. I'm also in situations.

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