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Saturday, January 1, 2011

112 entrants locked the Christmas alcohol coma (SPECIAL)

Celebrating New Year by taking alcohol 112 Emergency Servis locked phones. Alcohol 112 entrants sought help from coma. Working with health officials to meet year 2011, alcohol related incidents ambulances were forced to report.

Density of 112 hours of Command and Control Center in Ankara at 24.00 i indicates a two-fold increased. Cihan News Agency, followed by coma alcohol ihbarlarda took first place. Celebrating the new year by taking alcohol into a coma on the 112 relatives of locked phones. Servis susmayan Emergency phones created most of the alcohol from the rahatsızlanmalar. Health teams, almost all reported alcohol-related darplar phones were complaining. Teams'Did he fell in alcohol? "camera fitted with questions.

Officers received the 112 people who sought help had beaten ihbarlarda alcoholic party. Alcoholic relatives on the phone trying to help officials, briefed about the interventions.

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