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Monday, January 3, 2011

A super, the other mega-

Megastar Tarkan and Superstar Ajda Pekkan, 2011 on the same stage doing a duet met

Mega Star of Turkey with the Super Star Ajda Pekkan Joe, entered the new year by doing a duet with the Cyprus Hotel in Kyrenia Cratos. Pekkan, and Joe took the stage at this time preparing to meet the audience on stage 2011 Tarkan gave the Turkish flag. This sudden move surprised the binary, with a flag Tarkan "Love is the last kick, " performed his work.

Here is the true love of Caroline

'It is a tolerable time' series of Wilma Caroline Essen, Vincent'la öpüşerek lover entered the new year. The series portrayed the German actress Caroline Ali Captain's nest destroyed, Elmadağ'daki Istanbul Ruj'da enters the new year also did not neglect to call his family in Germany.

Event Street!

Start celebrations for the 2011 Winter Games in Erzurum Caddebostan Event concert started. Two-hour delay out of the scene as a protest for the whistling of the Event, despite the cold weather she wore sexy clothing, enchanted. Event, "It's in the air thanks to you üşümüyorum. Your energy warms me up inside, "he said.

Last tango in Istanbul!

Hulya Avsar Hotel, at the beginning of the singer and the songs and the dance scene's Yesilkoy WOW captivated followers. Lacy costume look sexy daughter filled out a signed Yerlitaş Noor Zehra Avşar, former kayınvalidesi Cilingiroglu smiles, her sister Leyla Avsar, Helio's sister, artist-friendly Yavuz Bingol alone. To sing to guests in the figures of the last hours of the sexy tango Avsar's body enveloped in a lace dress was forced acts. Daughter of the remarkable beauty of the night, the focus of attention was the 13-year-old Zehra Cilingiroglu.

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