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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Series of exhibitions on the road to Uluç

Omar Uluç big name contemporary art, an exhibition of his death is being remembered in the first year. Preparing the exhibition collector H Present, 'new projects to be launched in memory of Uluç says

On January 28 last year, who died at the age of 79, the pioneer and the most important figure in contemporary art in Turkey, Omer Uluc, an exhibition that opened yesterday in the first year of his death is known. Mac Art Gallery, the exhibition will continue until to January and 31 in the title, 'In Memory of Grand Master Omar Uluç awe'. The exhibition Uluç selected two private collections, until the 1960s, the 2000s marked the different periods of his life in the process of art works are brought together. The owner works in the exhibition at the gallery most of the collectors have chosen H Present. Present, on the way of new projects to be prepared for Uluç Omar says: "He who loves, believes in his work with a team we came together and recently the importance of this unique artist to move abroad, where it deserves to prepare a series of exhibitions and activities. It will bring the sound of this major projects, and Omar Uluç, as well as contribute to the contemporary Turkish art of painting. And I believe with my heart and my mind whether he had left us on our yapacaklarımızla world deserves this great artist and very soon will value. " Omar Uluç painting over the Turks to Present very important friendship: "Omar Uluç and outside the academy as well as the Turkish art of painting at the summit of the rare artist known. This is probably the most important factors has been one of its authenticity, I believe. However, Omar Uluç ' The importance of personal for me, being one of the most important artists of his Turkish painting more, his very favorite, is prized in a mate.'s Day when the brother sister, artist, collector day comes, most of them are living as well as two art lovers a priceless memories for me was experience. It's good that I have caught have a chance to know him. "

Uluç 1953, the engineering and artistic education in the United States, behind, under the leadership of Nuri Iyem Attic Painters group established artistic life began, between November 13-13Aralık Yapi Kredi Kazim Tashkent Art Gallery in 2009 which lasted 'fragmentation Chemistry' and last found. Present, is kind of addictive and beloved Uluç studies can not distinguish which one you love more than to say: "All the works in the exhibition in the nude and my favorite bull. But there is more chance of making the distinction you like Omar Uluç. This kind of passion into a business. It is also very that is contagious. " Address: Mim Kemal Oke Cad. Lal Apt. NO: 23/3-4 Nisantasi Istanbul Phone: 0212343 85 40

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