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Sunday, January 9, 2011

British touring Istanbul stories

10 recent popular writer of Turkish literature, different aspects of Istanbul, the compilation of the 10 stories in a book published in English as The Book of Istanbul

Translated literary works into foreign languages, especially in the last few years, is experiencing a noticeable increase in the number. Items of literature draws attention to one side, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched two years ago, classical and contemporary works of Turkish literature translated and published in other countries for Turkish support for its translation and publication project, which also make a significant share of TEDA'nın large. TEDA and the British Council in England published by Comma Press, The Book of aided Istanbul - Istanbul is one of them in a new book by book. George Turner, and Jim Hinks prepared by the editors of books, the most popular items of literature last semester consists of short stories. The Book of Istanbul Armaner Turker, Murat Gülsoy, Nedim Gursel, Muge İplikçi, Karin Karakasli, Sema Kaygusuz, Gonul Sparks, Mario Levi, and Mehmet Özen Yula Saçlıoğlu'nun in Istanbul last time a story takes place.

Istanbul publicity for the book's article "melting pot of the East with the West, the continents touched each other, fingertips point" denilirken, the different faces in Istanbul, the communities noted. 10 story written by the author of 10 Turks, the city's turbulent past, present of defiant characters, using the space given to speculations, stating that occur on the city's publicity, "a kind of literary tour of Istanbul, the famous architecture of structures of the city issuing the dark back streets of the stories in the book, a culture, history and more importantly, ordinary people living in Istanbul today offers the opportunity to explore. lover looking for writers in exile, traffic is crazy and homeless man, managed to guide the city offers a new kind of stories contrasting points of view "is called.

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