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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Said Nursi's letter THAT'S ATATURK

"Free Man" film, the scenes controversial Bediuzzaman Atatürk Atatürk's letter appeared.

Bediuzzaman a letter written in 1922, Ataturk was born. Various speculations about the existence and content of the letter earlier, Nursi, filled with words of praise addressed whether Ataturk is preach.

This historic letter, on the 'Very important letter' grade is deducted from the Presidential Archive is maintained. Habertürk reached the letter Nursi, before Ataturk, "the hero of the Islamic world of Holiness Pasha as" by addressing, subsequently using the following statements: "O glorious veterans. Take Zat-i and the victorious army, and the enormous spiritual personality of Congress are willing to represent. "

Bediuzzaman, after giving complimented, "and the achievements of two prosperous and happy life-I sincerely wish this poor, 10 mentioned in an issue, I would like to listen to advice from a few public advice," he says.

Said Nursi in the Assembly on November 9, 1922 Bitlis deputy Arif Bey and his friends visited their application to the Presidency of the Assembly is invited to the podium. National Combat veterans are giving congratulations to the podium, to pray. These developments comes the same day the Assembly Memorandum Ceridesi'nin records, a day after the Journal of National Sovereignty in the news.

But outside of prayer and the greeting, there is a long speech. Years of debate, 88 years on the original version of this letter is emerging for the first time unknown and nasihatlik section 10, addressing in particular the statements of Ataturk removed, made some changes Bediuzzaman 'History-i Life' published in his book. However, various sources in the Assembly on November 9, 1922 Bediuzzaman speech supposed to be much difference between this letter and have 10-point text.

History-i No. 124-125-126-127 pages of the book of life, lawmakers against religion because it deems lakaytlık neşredip ten-point declaration, said distributed.

Bediuzzaman this letter shortly after the visit of the Assembly, 23 November 1922, the author. Letter, Ataturk, Napoleon, not the heroes of Islam, such as Saladin the Ayyubid-i Nursi, reminding you to take an example, "Your success and those who appreciate great service and the believers who love you, but solid Müslüman'dırlar ordinary. Loves you and keeps you and your minnettardırlar serious, "he continues.

For many years debated the existence of the first and last letter he wrote this letter to Atatürk Bediuzzaman. For the first time this letter reaches Habertürk after the debate on this issue will be on a different dimension.

Bediuzzaman "Said-i Kürdi Duacınız" signed on November 23, 1922, written by Atatürk, the presidential archives and found "a very important letter" grade deducted from the date of the letter is stored with a simplified modern Turkish state.

"Surely the believers assumed in evening prayers rendered certain." (Surat an-Nisa, 103) the hero of the world of Islam, Gazi Pasha Hazretleri'ne O glorious, sublime spiritual personality and the success of the army and the supreme personality of Parliament represents. On this occasion their error, and the representative of the account passes to their spiritual personality. So off to the representatives of the people and to encourage and direct the most important duty. Prosperous and happy life and achievements of two heart-I wish this poor, 10 mentioned in an issue, a recommendation, I would like to listen to a few public advice.

1) God gave this extraordinary success, we always want to get a thank you, let continue to rise. If you are the blessing and gratitude goes to sees. Seeing that the enemy attacks, you saved the Koran with the help of Allah, the most clear and precise orders of the Koran, the "prayer" must meet, such as farzları. Thus, the prayer Feyzi (knowledge, abundance, pleasure) in a continuous manner on you to get scrumptious and Proceed with your work.

2) Have a happy world of Islam, love, and won a close interest. However, pay close attention to it, the relevance and continuity of love, is to fulfill the requirements of Islamic life. Because the Muslims, Islam in the name of love you. You put out your commitment to Islam and Islamic yaşantınızla ahretinizi Empower.

3) you and your arms to your friends, especially the supreme personality of the heroes in this world, friends of Allah (evliyaullah) did the force commander of the veterans and martyrs. Implement certain orders of the Koran and other pretexts uygulatmakla Nurlu group also trying to be a leader, like you great blessings to those who deserve help. Otherwise, you may have to begging kumandanken help a soldier out there. This is a simple, empty world of glory and honor, so that is not substance, such as your high-spirited, characterized doyursun people, their real purpose and let them get satisfied.

4) The Muslim communities in the nation, so much so that namazsız remains a community, even though sinful heretical religious başlarındakini all want to see. In fact, all in Kurdistan, the task given to all the officers first asked the question: "Do pray I wonder?" Prayer makes absolutely rely on civil servants, how successful and effective, even if binding on civil servants, according to them is guilty. Once upon a time "Beytüssebap" tribes had rebelled. I went, I asked: "What is the Reason?" They said: "Governor did not make prayer, drinking raki. We will obey the unbelievers so how? "It is said that the namazsız, as well as bandits (thief, bandit) were.

5) East to the majority of the Prophets, scholars and the scholars out a significant portion of the West, a sign of an eternal destiny. Therefore, infuriating the religious and the East is heart, mind, and is not a philosophy. East woke, where you bring it deserves, although the nature of that behavior is appropriate. Otherwise, all the labor, or wasted expense or achievements remain very superficial.

6) of the accursed enemy of your enemy and British Islam, is against the religion of Islam took advantage of duyarsızlığımızdan much going on and on. In fact, I should say, the Greek as damaging to Islam, the religion excuse negligence whether it benefited from internal enemies. For the benefit of Islam and the nation's security, remove the need to eliminate this neglect. Unionists were so wonderful, diligent, and sacrifice other although they are stable, even though they are caused by the awakening of Islam, the religion freedom in part to show the attitude of folks inside them, hated, and were seen worthless. Showed respect for the Muslims did not see the outside of the negligence of the Unionists in religion, are demonstrating.

7) the whole world of abuse by other means, civilization, philosophy, science and the arts, misyonerleriyle the world of Islam has long prevailed in the material, although it is attacked and the world of Islam could not win religiously. Perversion of all the groups inside the fallen, a small amount of damage extent that Islam, Islam and collaborative commitment to protect the resistance and robustness of the Sunnah, is now prepared to take a superior position at a time, as well as your protector and defender of a great hero of Islam has found a At present, an unbuttoned way floating in messy European civilization in the hearts of a stream can not fake. Important and to do business in the world of Islam is a revolutionary, but the rules of Islam may be able to submissiveness. And did not otherwise. Fade away as soon as possible even if it is gone.

8) which causes the loss of religion weakened the effect of tear-face kept low at a time when European civilization and the emergence of civilization in establishing the time of reckless and negligent manner at a time when "the job can not be positive"; negative and destructive work is already in need of Islam is exposed to so much destruction is not. Napoleon does not look like the Ayyubid Saladin-i must be subject to the heroes of Islam.

9) Your success in this, and your heart and soul lovers who appreciate great service to the majority of believers, and especially the people that layer, they are also robust Müslüman'dırlar. You like serious, the amount of gratitude to you and hear. Fedakârlığınızı appreciates, awakening in the past they offer you the largest and most formidable force. You can apply even if the orders of the Koran, they connect to the tolerance, is required for the benefit of Islam. Or the miserable isolation of Islam, seeking milliyetsiz Europe, Western taklitçilerini is contrary to the Islamic world for the benefit of Islam in the Muslim view of the public prefer to turn away and will be forced to ask for help from someone else.

10) A nine on the road of extinction and if there is a possibility of salvation, that life must have given up a brave person, that address the way of salvation. Now is a time of 24 hours, 99 percent occupied in prayer as a religious obligation is the possibility of salvation. Solo negligence and laziness with a feeling that such a loss might be mundane. However, the abandonment of farzların is likely to damage the ninety-nine. Solo heedlessness, perversion can be based on the probability of a single salvation. Damage to religion and the world I wonder what excuse the neglect and abandonment may farzların? Honor and dignity to allow this? Mujahedin group, and the supreme state Assembly and movements are imitated by the people. Will mimic or criticize flaws in the nation, or that harm both. This means that in them God's law, including the rights of servants.

Sirr-i tevatür (solid information, reliable names from generation to generation by the transport) and the association of ideas covering the unlimited, the news and listened to the evidence and accept the soul of the fallacies and delusions from the devil vesveselerinden guys seen the real and serious business. You must have a solid basic pieces of this great revolution. You know that the eternal enemies, sapkınlıklarınız and adversaries, are destroyed by the requirements of Islam. If so, cherish and maintain the requirements of the compulsory task of Islam. Underestimate the values of Islam, shows the weakness of the nation, the enemy does not stop the weakness, but rather encouraging.

-Hasbunallahu and ni'me'lvekîl, ni'me'l-Mevlan and ni'me'nnasîr "Allah is enough for us. What a beautiful support (Surah Al 'Imran, 173). He is the best friend and how nice it is helpful (Surat al-Anfal, 40). "

Said-i Kürdi Duacınız preside over the Assembly November 23, 1922 5 / 3218 travel documents Hifzi 2/12/338fel

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