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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Rumi called me"

Hilal Cebeci Mevlana who dream three years ago, says life perspective has changed and passed awakening

Five years after the 'For Love' by issuing a single Hilal Cebeci now also got curious about Sufism. According to Milliyet Street, which declared sufiliğini Cebeci, second-hand booksellers around the biggest curiosity is to read books on Sufism and Mevlana said. Cebeci, Sufi perspective on life has changed after the start of feeding and awakening told passed. When I'm talking about Sufism in the world because of this trend is bad Cebeci, "People are much worse. Turned completely to material life, spirituality forgot. Perseverance is a good thing, but greed is very harmful, "he said.

"Sufism head wondering sarmasaydım üşütebilirdim" Cebeci said, "just to be able to get rent even if the people are playing healths. Everyone had money in one of three lafından. Our world is forced to return to spirituality, "he said.
Three years ago, the dream of the love of Mevlana indicates the beginning of entering the Cebeci said: "One day I fell asleep inside a sting. Hz. Rumi was calling me. Konya, immediately got out of breath. There was very impressed and could not hold my tears. We want to help the forces of evil spirits, because spirituality, under siege. "

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