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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Hulya Yavuz İvedik'te with oynatırım"

Recep İvedik Şahan Gökbakar new stars of the film's eye for kestirdi

His brother, Togan Gökbakar'ın soldier gone 'Recep İvedik Şahan Gökbakar 4 çekimtarihini postponing, to realize the movie was the day counts. Expected to be released towards the end of the year the film's main character Gökbakar Sahan, Bebek Midpoint'teydi previous evening with a group of friends. Which seems to be a very cheerful Gökbakar, left the restaurant in the early hours. Answering questions from journalists on the output famous comedian, said to have spent New Year with his family and "I hope it takes place in the new year 2011 wish saying " journalists celebrated the new year. Gökbakar, 'Recep Yavuz Bingöl İvedik'in in the last series to play with Hulya Avsar In Regarding rumors, "They why do not they accept such a thing? Oynatırım gladly, "he said.

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