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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The revolt had fashion designer Cemil Ipekci

Kiziltepe MARDIN School District's self-titled Culture, Arts and Design opens the famous fashion designer Cemil Ipekci, because of bureaucratic obstacles unable to work, he said.

Celebrity fashion designer, and then the second school in the center of Mardin Kiziltepe CEMI Ipek Cemil Ipekci Fashion Culture, Arts and Design School District has opened with the name. Opening 'Duruer Governor Hassan, Governor of Kiziltepe Yiri Erkaya, the trainees had received training in school. Ministry of Home Affairs 'Village Return and Rehabilitation' project was established with the support of 500 thousand TL Cemil Ipekci the opening of the school, complained that the bureaucratic obstacles.

Idil district of Sirnak on Sunday during the opening workshop in baby engelerle meet, said bureaucratic Ipekci, 'What am I Kızıltepeliyim Mardinliyim Furthermore, neither bureaucratic nor what I do not get a new revenue stream. Does not give me any thing. From here the kazanmıyorum money. I got as an artist in my time I think people ayırıyorsam extractor heart problem, not the facilitator, should be sharing. This is nothing to me yorduğu yormadı me 'he said.

Governor on the descriptions of the intervening İpekçi Kiziltepe Erkaya Yırık'ın 'give every possible support "say on Ipekci, said:

'You have already started working the new. You are very willing to help. But it is important to do this help everyone here. For some reason all of them have this problem in the East. I already gave a report the Secretary of the Interior. There are also openly gave the names of all parties. I just want this issue taken very seriously hazel. Because everyone here believing that the king himself to give up, the laws of the stairway is part of a country that needs to know. Furthermore, this place needs a lot of something like this. Cause I do not have any date in Kiziltepe. Do not have any place to visit. Mardin not like. And you know Kızıltepe'deki young population. Mardin, there is more to a younger population. And there is so much demand in this young population. There are issues that we face at the beginning of treatment in the paper. Now, these types of transactions, it works much more quickly. Enters into force more quickly. We are here to serve the people here. There is no expectation of any business. Report dear minister, because I have to deal with it closely. Because the East and the Southeast for years, perhaps some of the associations or organizations to communicate with us in the cutting and there are many organizations have the right to operate mania '

Kiziltepe Kaymamı Erkaya Yiri, 'Here you have 11 different branches, a total of 14 course. There are 229 students for a total of 151 girls' he said.

School courses, the only woman traveling with the Governor Duruer trainees chatter Ipekci, halay folk dance course pulled together Victims of education. Duruer Halaya also accompanied the Governor. Delilo game and playing for a long time with the students zılgıtları Ipekci, then the course is to teach games like Zeybek also asked students to master tutorial.

One to one with students who are interested in a Photo kursundaki Ipekci, here are deaf girl named Ozturk silane with students and tried to speak sign language. Ipekci asking whether he satisfied with the course in sign language, where the course is how the teachers agreed with the received information on the silane. King David's mother is weaving a course more than 3 children at home, free time and have a profession that will undergo the course and said that the family budget support

229 students at the school clothing, art, folklore, theater, hairdressing, photography, weaving, diction, call center staff, training courses will be given jewelry and advertising design.

SOLAR-Ibrahim, Adnan AVUKA-Nezir AYDOGAN / Mardin,

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