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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Izmir couturier had died!

Painting and home economics öğretmenliğinin 1990dan then made a name in the fashion world since the death of Hani Cetin law drowned lovers. Cetin, Turkish fashion by adapting traditional motifs had created its own unique style. Hani Cetin, also referred to international beauty contests for the candidates came at the beginning of fashion designers. Anatolian legends, beautiful lines and colors of Turkey prepared by 67 of about 134 'Miss Turkey' costume award at the international runways with the owner of 13 international Cetin.

Rifat Cetin, his wife was not a significant disease, the sadness of losing his friend lived life, he said. Emel Cetin daughter living in the United States be given the land when the funeral will be announced after the achievement of Hamiltona.

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