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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Put up a love scene fragment VIDEO

'A Handful Sea starring Clear Tüzünataç have flatbed and Engin Altan

Finally the most famous two young players with clear Tüzünataç Engin Altan Düzyatan'ın starring 'A Handful Sea' movie, the audience will meet on March 11.

Click here for the movie trailer ...

According to Milliyet, led by renowned advertising films Leyla Yilmaz signed by both the scenario and the director started to show a movie trailer 300 movie theaters.

"Life is a route that goes straight? how far can you go for your love? a handful of sea Is it really a sea?" sought answers to questions such as leaving the ambitious vision of making love movie scenes came up. But the director Yilmaz, the film does not want to love making scenes emergence to the fore, especially the images in the trailer did not.

Leaving only the sea and the flatbed trailer with clear Tüzünataç'ın seen kissing, especially for those images to be used as promotional material claimed that the contract matter koydurduğu.

Tüzünataç clear in the film, sometimes soothing, loving angel, vomiting and sometimes anger, ill-tempered sea turned into a lover's young daughter, played by Smith. Sea View Akbay, tract by chance on the boat with Peter, played by Altan Düzyatan'ın intersect. In this encounter, the film with David Ozder dear what a mess of his life, Engin Altan put Düzyatan'ın. Begins a passionate relationship between two young and angry.

Tüzünataç, Düzyatan'a "You want a handful of the sea, much more will you have?" by asking challenging. Per month with the film, Carter Gürzap Aksel, Düzyatan'ın mother and father, wife husband portrayed in the most close friends Yağtu Ahu playing with Mahmoud Tülek.

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