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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cem Yılmaz, the new film will be

Ferzan Özpetek last film was clear: 'Then I'll cry'

Acclaimed director Ferzan Ozpetek, announced the name of the last film. The name of the film will be shooting mainly in Istanbul and Mardin, 'Then I'll cry' saying that the Ozpetek, 11 years after the switch to the back of the camera itself, the excitement created in Turkey said.

Cem Yılmaz under construction, as well as contributing to the other Turkish players will take part in the film's shooting will start in September-October indicating Ozpetek, NTV, has made the following comments:

'I just love to CEM VIEWS'
Turkey would like to take a large part of the new film. Cem Yilmaz a player that I liked and appreciated. Turkish cinema, there are many other players liked and wanted to work. We finished a new screenplay and working on the subject of the film Cem. Cem, I do like the views, looking from the outside, and it does me.

Movie passes Istanbul and Mardin. Each yazışta have a lot of players in my head, so I change everything. There is also a very famous names, but I do not want to say here. Turkey Cem Yilmaz and have two more important players.

Is a woman's love story from Italy?
Not at all. There are many women in the film 6-7 and 4-5 of these players will play in the Italian one. There are a lot of squad players. This is dangerous to put so much personality, but I like mine. The name of the movie, explain for the first time here, 'then I'll cry'

What is it like to film in Turkey?
Here, 'I took the bath house and a film that the whole world açılmama. Was good at Box Office with critics, led me to success. I do not know what changed but I can work more hours as set in Turkey, the excitement is too much. 'I took the harem Suare'yi here and break of 11 years passed. Now you will be excited because for me change and innovation.

Do you have Mardin feature?
Mardin is a city favorite, and favorite. You know, premieres in Antep always do, I like orasını too. In fact, I liked that part of going to the south. Gala will be there again, I can not say anything for now. Let's look at how the movie will be willing, but, if you look at would be a bad movie ... September-October, such as filming will begin in Istanbul and the main part.

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