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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pir Sultan Abdal was premiered at

Sadri familiar Theater, 2010-2011 theater season, "Pir Sultan Abdal" opened his game.

Erol Toy Profilo Culture Center premiere of the game written by a large number of guests.

Staff of 30 persons consisting of dancers and musicians, as well as the players staged the game, Professor. Dr. Nurhan directed Montenegro. Efes Pilsen, staged under the sponsorship of the game soundtracks Nedim Stars, choreography was done by Ziver Gifts Open up. Faruk Sarac costumes bears the signature of the game, and Jane Bird.

In the game, Cem Ozer, Melike Ocalan, Sadik Gurbuz, Mehmet Çepiç, Yusuf Atala, Ayhan Anıl Fuat Onan, Ergün Demir, Tuncer Yenice, Peace Koçak, Merve Erdoğan, Dervish Tezcan and Sadri Şener Vurkaya, as well as familiar names such as the role players in the Academy graduates taking.

Erol Toy, Pir Sultan Abdal life, narrated by the legendary poet and his poems were written to support. 16. century on the basis of the public post game riots, Professor. Dr. Nurhan Montenegro's original interpretation was moved to the stage again.

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