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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adam Freeland

HOW MUCH: Full: £ 28.50, Student: £ 18.50

Adam Freeland, from indie rock to techno drum n 'bass and electro'ya courageous choices ranging from eclectic sets an important precedent and is still played today.

When we look back at the end of the 90s the club started in the UK media blockage of one of the most important names instill fresh blood is not possible not to see that Adam Freeland. Both the musical information, as well as the ability to use this information to pour into practice the new dance music of the island and also to give direction not a coincidence. London's famous club, especially thanks to Adam Freeland Fabric constantly growing fan base, resulting in innovations offered dinletirken produced music. Love of hip-hop and funk, breakbeat nu skool breaks and electro yogurup has found the formula, starting their own versions of a genre known for the first time was after. Marine Parade, in the name of the nu skool breaks his own record label, began to host names of important species.

Freeland, founded under the name of the group started to give concerts in addition to performances with DJ Adam Freeland, in 2003, the group's first album "Now & Them" I talked about throughout the year issued and signed one of the major electronic music album. That same year his remixes of rock fragments known as electro-rock style that today was the spark notorious. In particular The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army'si and Nirvana's" Smells Like Teen Kelis'in Spirit'ine and "Trick Me'sine DJs playlist made for a long time did not vary in his remixes.

Fabric Live mix album series in 2004 with his DJ sets that 16.sına guests at the change offered in summary form. Away from each other, although the styles on the album from indie rock to techno and drum n'bass electro'ya played again today with eclectic selections from the brave created sets an important precedent. The effects of music in the history of rock music, especially the last period, the energy of dance music and rock blended together with the proliferation of projects, Freeland, breaks the one hand on the other hand close to vazgeçmezken sevdasından türdaşı Erol Alkan DJ sets, such as Soulwax, Digitalism, Justice, Sebastian, such as the names for important species allows.

Grammy award-nominated DJ and producer Adam Freeland in 2007, among them Fujiya & Miyagi, including names such as Marilyn Manson, has scored many important remix. Freeland'in own song "Silverlake Pills" in the e Gui Boratto mix of that year he was one of the most important parts. CSI: New York City for a series The Who's "Baba O'Riley," Freeland URL re-interprets the same time, "Juiced 2" game is now in charge of the soundtrack. All this while the URL in your own mix cd on the market Freeland, DJ sets and festival in the world has performed in many major cities. MIA, MSTRKRFT, and Justice in conjunction with the Australian tour.

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