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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Parker: I buried our heart

Club president Adnan Polat, Galatasaray, Ali Sami Yen Stadium in recent matches and make the month of January, when specifying the new stats will pass that Turk Telekom Arena, said an important change to live.

Issue of the Journal of Sports chief article of January, Adnan Polat Turk Telekom Arena Referring to the transition,''a wonderful home to us for years, Ali Sami Yen Stadium on Tuesday January 11 after playing the last we met, a brand new stadımıza, Turk Telekom Arena 'or on Saturday, January 15' Hello 'we say. Four-day, 105 years of change in our past will live in a large scale,''he said rastlanılmamış the like.

Following the completion of the unification of the cost of bringing the company to Galatasaray, the Turkish Telecom Arena and the second biggest step taken, the club started the process of transfer of healthy and sustainable growth in Parker, said:

''In this exchange, a stat just a simple change, the more the audience capacity, a more modern stadium would be inaccurate to describe the process of passing. This change is actually a club anniversary era. Fully 77 years ago began the realization of a dream now, Galatasaray Sports Club in today's world of big clubs will start the process of transformation to cope with the real competition starts with the floor. The first condition for such a transformation, with the stadium could be a. Because I'm a big, loving relationship built by fans, but the opportunities created by the consequences of such statlarda, may find himself forward to take the floor material. Sports as we live for years, finally solving this problem are proud.''

President Parker, shown in four days to live for years for change efforts, sacrifices and sacrifice shown Sports community expressing closely knows,''Sports community, a community so that the conscious and visionary, as shown for many years, the present view, this change in order to live, a lot of short-term has agreed to give up a huge success with humility. Because it knows that the most important and most Galatasarayımız if we can leave our grandchildren a proud heritage, the history of this heritage çoğaltanlara rightful place will always''he said.

Galatasaray Sports Club Chairman Adnan Polat's words,''Galatasarayımızın deposited with us the pride of this great task of bringing peace and best wishes celebrating the new year, 2011 people of faith can be a year of Sports''is a powerful way I want to repeat the statements was completed.

Club president Adnan Polat, Galatasaray, Turkey Cup will be 11 in January with Beypazari Şekerspor maçıyla emotional farewell to Ali Sami Yen Stadium which will be penned an article.

Months of January issue of the Journal of Galatasaray Ali Sami Yen Stadium in a special annex to the letter, Adnan Polat, has used the following phrases:

Me go now,''Ali Sami Yen Stadium, the first I remember like yesterday. Maçıydı Stadımızın opening. I got 11 more. But I was determined to get in so we did not find the ticket, a security officer trying to cross the iron railings yakalanmamı, though it would move to grid başarıp narrow stairs two three jump on new bleachers dismissed, he meets me in a great stadium grandstand view of the entrance, clusters of turbines have been and still can not forget that the eaves sharp smell of grass ... Since 1964, the Ali Sami Yen Stadium, Galatasaray, such as tens of thousands, became my second home. Sports doyumsuzca yudumlayabildiğim love, my like-minded, people who feel like me side by side, arm in arm, it can be is a magical world, following the flow of my life forever affected.''

-''Our heart buried the Ali Sami Yen STADI''-YOU
Ali Sami Yen Stadium sevinçlerinin the biggest, most elusive big troubles coşkularının and Parker suggest that it is the place,''I live there and yaşattıklarımızla, Ali Sami Yen stadium Stadımızı world's best-known Turks were able to make. Yes, that concrete bizlerdik soul, all Galatasaraylılardı. Stadımızı very liked. Sometimes, despite our compulsory between them, for my generation and for arrivals after me was a real home,''he said.

Galatasaray Ali Sami Yen Stadium, after experiencing the honor of being the administrator brought many improvements Parker stressed the president, he conveyed his feelings:

We brought the combined system'', chambers have established, strengthened lighting. In short, the Ali Sami Yen Stadium to make a modern stat tried. Term changes, of course, we had yetemediğini stadımızın club. It was a time that works to keep fresh by doing make-up was inadequate to stay. Now we come to the end of its life at the Ali Sami Yen Stadımızın noticed we were natural. Ali Sami Yen gömüyoruz hearts and moving into a new house now. Ali Sami Yen Stadımıza farewell, while yaşatacağımız him forever in our hearts, we send a unique place. I buried the Ali Sami Yen Stadium hearts, anılarımıza, our dreams ...''

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