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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Demirören: Transfer No Bitmez

Besiktas president Yildirim Demirören Club, in 2011, the club said they would speed efforts to develop corporate identity.

President Demirören, black-and-white club's monthly official journal of the chief article in the January issue of the Journal of Besiktas, in the first days of a new corporate identity will live in this era would be a period for the development said they'll speed their work.

Demirören, the last days of 2010, to make new ones, highlighting the future of their investments, said:

Portugal in December transferred kadromuza''We've added three world-wide star. Werder Bremen Hugo Almeida, Simao Sabrosa to Atletico Madrid and Valencia tied veneered Manuel Fernandes. Still stand behind our commitment does not end any time transfer to Besiktas. Without engaging in this difficult budget transfers to our club, star candidates have put together the infrastructure grows. Ali Kuçik, Necip Uysal Furkan promising players such as sugar and Hope, to benefit from the expertise provided these and other star names. Besiktas goals and dreams for the end.''

Demirören Beşiktaşlılara article appeared in the magazine addressed the Lightning, unity and integrity of a structure in the sample said they do reunion plans.

In the new year with the support of the entire community as a whole, would stand in the power of community Besiktas Demirören noted, used the following phrases:

Beşiktaş became the symbol of unity and integrity''of all countries and European clubs, the most important example of our plan to restore the structure. Now Europe's most important newspaper headlines in the appreciation of Sports brand, is an important step in the first and largest Besiktas. As a result of our interviews with managers and heads of major European clubs, Besiktas have realized I'm controlled by the growth of this sample is shown with great pleasure that we follow.''

Black-and-white club's president, in his article also gave the following opinion:

Sports Betting Super League with the second half of''football team, as well as the UEFA Europa League will fight in an emerging field with great faith in the graphics. Support for all aspects of football in the country which will continue in the new year once again express. Assemblers and integrative feature will use every organ of the sport.''

Besiktas president Yildirim Demirören Club, finally, all celebrating the New Year in Turkey, all countries of the new year of success, health, happiness and wish to bring peace found.

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