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Monday, January 10, 2011

Palin conspiracy password list

The massacre shocked the United States taken at the Arizona lawmaker Giffords'un target of the attack, questioning the country's poisonous political climate link. Last year, former Governor of Alaska to prepare a map Giffords'u places the target on a board in the responses, the focus of Palin

Target taken at the state of Arizona Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords'ın working to get through the bloody shock of the attack the U.S., trying to find the reasons behind the murders. Tuscon'da during a public event in the attack on the federal judge, John Roll, Gabe Zimmerman and 9-year-old girl Giffords'ın aides, including six people killed. Giffords'ın shot in the beginning, the vital danger atlamadığı announced yet. The police and the attacker had been shot from a distance of about 1 meter Giffords'ın surroundings reported that at least 20 rounds fired.


The authorities detained Jared Loughner'in killer (22) published on the internet under the spotlight at the video and messages, while the suspect, "a history of mental balance is not damaged, but there is uneven and problematic''announced. Examined the records, the Loughner'in government criticism, mind control and related issues such as the new currency was sözettiği. School also apparently thrown into the suspect, reported to query yanaşmadığı cooperation. On the other hand Loughner'in think the police did not act alone, distributed pictures of the second suspect has pushed to the press.


The impact of the earthquake in U.S. politics after the attack all the legislative work in Congress has been postponed. The most striking assessment of the incident came to the region and the Sheriff Clarence Dupnik'ten. Dupnik, "Unfortunately, in Arizona, prejudice and bigotry Mekkesi has become," he said. • INTERNATIONAL NEWS

Threats was

The Democratic Party's rising star in Jewish Giffords'a attack, the United States after the violent rhetoric of a process that has occurred in captive. Poisonous political climate in the country showing the most important point to link the attack, the standard-bearer Sarah Palin, far right, placed on a board map Giffords'u engagement. Palin, before the November midterm election, the names of deputies who support Obama's health care reform with a map showing areas reproduced on Facebook. 'Surely that should be places of' proxies in the region has taken place between the Giffords'ın name and, referring to the proxys, "Your time to understand the results would be''the message was written.

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