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Monday, January 10, 2011

300 anxious judge

After Assignments 300 judges and prosecutors began internship candidate lives in great uneasiness. Application for the fate of the assignments are expected to discontinued YARSAV'ın yürürlülüğü

Crushed under the heavy workload of the judicial and administrative courts, 300 judges and prosecutors fear will be a candidate at any time cancel the exam is doing an internship. Ankara Regional Administrative Court, the Justice Department appeal judge on a 300 judicial candidates after the interview exam impair procedural decision on the stay of execution, anxious expectations of candidates continues. Regional Administrative Court, 300 judges who want to be involved in the case claims 5 Reversal due to be evaluated by the Administrative Court made a decision. Ankara 5 Administrative Court, the procedural reversal of what is to intervene after receiving petitions.


Administrative Court, the decision re-connect the request for a stay of execution after receiving müdahillik demands. This internship is the concern of the 300 judges prosecutor candidates to cancel appointments. Many of the candidates nominated after he married, rented sitting, pulled some credit.


Stay of execution that the first president of the court's decision Emine Aktepe, HCJP candidate list was then YARSAV. YARSAV, the Ministry of Justice regarding the purchase of 500 new judicial nomination of judges and prosecutors as a written examination on November 3, 2007, cancellation and suspension of execution of the Council of State 12 Admitted to the Department. Council of State, in interviews due to lack of camera interview examinations had been canceled.

The higher judiciary DIFFERENT VIEWS

The judge in relation to the procurement decisions of the Constitutional Court and the State Council gave different. Council of State, Ministry of Justice as a result of lawsuits caused YARSAV'ın unconstitutional on the grounds that the authority of the Constitutional Court judges nominated for the purchase of matter applied for the cancellation. Constitutional Court judges and prosecutors nominated by the Ministry of Justice decided that the purchase authorization.


Council of State, this time by the scientific method and the standard deviation OSYM with the method of assessment has canceled test scores. All the methods previously used in examinations, OSS, KPSS exams as a method also applied. Took considerable time in preparing the implementation of the new method.

Stopped in front of thousands gencimizin

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the examinations for recruitment of judges and prosecutors YARSAV'ın opposition from judges and prosecutors due to cancellation of thousands of young people being cut from the front, he said. Arinc, answering the questions in Alanya long it takes to start court proceedings, said the Supreme Court decided late in the appeals process.


His attorney also did for many years, most recently from the Supreme Court of the file was put forward or the reverse was done, he knows his own experiences that transfers Arinc, said: "The Supreme Court has ignored its own work load itself from time to time, review may be removed. Judges and prosecutors need to resolve quickly açığımızı. During 8 years, saw the need for the Ministry of Justice. Judges and prosecutors wanted to.


But every exam when the State Council, the administration YARSAV'ın opposition from the courts, has encountered complaints of being in front of judges and prosecutors has been lost and thousands gencimizin. Ministry of Justice, judges and prosecutors to take all of these decisions, stay of execution is denied. Many from the ruling Council of State, literally (This does not trust the AK Party government. Who knows what they will do some judges and prosecutors), the idea was a mala fide decision to stop. "

Statements need not mention it at all until the day the Supreme Court transferred HSYK Arinc, "They talk of political actors in words, in order to wear down the government for years, counted using the task. Now comes the pain of a table, "he said.

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