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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The new love of 'engaged'!

Director of photography with her boyfriend after leaving Sami Saydan name "Gönülçelen" referred to by series co-star Cansel Elçin Tuba Büyüküstün'ün recently turned out to be the other co-Honor Saylak'la

A few weeks ago while walking arm in arm in the rain in the morning Asmalımescit with Cansel Elçin Büyüküstün'ün photographed this image came up from the maze to make.
Their role in the relationship between the Saylak Buyukustun "Gönülçelen" reflected in the array. And pain in love with the series since the beginning of Cansel Elçin'e Saylak accordance with the scenario, this time attracting Buyukustun engaged. Together with consistently left the speakers come with a set Büyüküstün'ün Saylak.

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