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Saturday, January 8, 2011

'I do not want to compromise, şikâyetçiyim'

Previous week Etiler famous entertainment venues Şamdan'da Gift Özgörkey Özgörkey Holding Chairman, and his nose broken in a fight with the prosecution testimony on the issue were referred to Önbilgin'in Efe

Şamdan'da Özgörkey'le Önbilgin'in nose broken and fighting was the complainant came to the Court the following day in Istanbul.

Istanbul Palace of Justice with his lawyer to Seyda Lightning Önbilgin'in conducting the investigation were interviewed by the Prosecutor Mehmet Akif Ekinci. Then, leaving the courthouse Önbilgin'in, "day of the incident at the bar to dance for fun, go to Etiler come out on the floor, sitting back in his chair like a lift from that person, this person get up in a while, then leave the entertainment venue is about to come to the same person to the nose head shot "had said. Later he learned that the head to throw the person stating Gift Özgörkey foreknowledge did not want to compromise said.

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