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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The new face of war in obesity

Miss World Azra Akin, was the new face of the UK obesity campaign

The Miss World contest in London in 2002, the first born in the Netherlands Azra, dance and swimming to keep fit campaign in an interview published on the web site said that it is owed. Vatan newspaper reports, the day, milk, cereal, bread, cheese, vegetables and fruit, yogurt by eating breakfast with a strict 29-year-old Ali begins to express, while other meals are always trying to eat the clock and said at least 2-3 hours intervals. Dinner and lunch, usually fed mainly vegetable protein and draws attention to the beautiful Turks, changing the foods eaten each day cares said.

Turkish food culture, abundant vegetables, fruits, meat and fish striking the presence of Azra, while for the obese, said: "I'm not nutritionist. Recommendation not found. I think the person who is important in the fight against obesity and excessive kilolarının damages will be aware of him. Obesity genetics , such as physical or psychological reasons due to which one finds exactly the right treatment method in accordance with this determination and the application will be better, "he said. Azra, regarding the future plans, "I want to set up a family, " he said.

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