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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ayşe brothers want to do

Deniz AkkayaDid he signals allows marriage?

The union of one-year-old girl born with Ayse Efe Önbilgin'le Mother & Baby magazine, the number of hearth in front of the lens to Deniz Akkaya evlenebileceğinin last gave the signal.

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According to Milliyet, the new boyfriend's marriage proposal, known Akkaya Ferry Tasdemir, "Without love in my life, without success, to fight for the sake of a goal without significant kılamam life. Therefore, being in love, in love with that child to man, so I want to do even Ayşe brothers. Because I experienced in my life to become pregnant for the first time last year. I have never thought that I feel beautiful and good. Regardless of what has happened to me! I think to have a great big family, "he said.

Conflicts of adolescence with his mother telling bitiremediklerini Akkaya, "My mother and daughter discussing. My dad for Father figure (Muzaffer Akkaya) cut out. My daughter with my father, the father meets with his mother and father also. Ayşe problems between two people ever bind. His family also needs a temperature of course, "he said.

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