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Friday, January 7, 2011

My film will pull in Istanbul

Palestinian actress Hiam Abbass, starring the "Peace After Marriage" came to Istanbul for the film post-production phase. Fan of the famous player in the city, and then manage the "Inheritance" is a portion of the film decided to shoot here.

"Peace After Mariage" Amani role of the film you will watch. Amani is one of how, could you tell a little bit?

- A mother moved to America from Palestine. Brought the first child born in Jordan, that is, before coming to Brooklyn. Trying to keep pace with modern life. But her husband is connected to the traditions of his homeland also wanted a wife. In this sense, Amani, and remains trapped between tradition and modern life.

Comedy film, but in fact the political issues in the background is being processed ...

- Comedy, covering such topics easily. Film is actually a personal journey and the story is completely comedy. But when the immigration issue, though they live behind the ground before it is possible to see the political elements. Identities, emotions, a to z you can watch the entire journey. A man trying to understand sexual identity, leaving his place to a new world and their lives from the other factors in a woman find a chance to see this movie.


You receive the first time a comedy role, is not it?

- Yes, so the "Peace After Mariage" is a very special film for me. I have read and accept the offer without knowing the team for the first time I have a scenario. Did not even know how much money you'll get. Also did not care about.

What do you think this film will affect the viewer?

- Ghazi Albuliwi Senaristimiz typed characters so that viewers no matter which affects the nation. In America, also in Turkey, Jordan, close to all the people in the future have made a movie.

What was most enjoyable for you to study in different countries as well?

- New York, my favorite city. Since I live in France for many years. Jordan also was filming. In this movie, especially my own I went to my character and helped me set a better spot. Cause I'm far from my country for many years. Amani'yi shaping their own roots, I went back. This is also the production's multi-cultural fact that impressed me. Faruk Özerten also gave a different perspective as a successful immigrant.


Welcome to Istanbul, why?

- Jordan and the United States post-production phase of shooting and then they decided to do here. I came up here with the team after Özerten'in Faruk producer. We as a family we have in this team.

So what do you think of our city?

- Istanbul, wild, romantic and a wonderful city. Nasiplendik entertainment at this place. Advertisement've completed under budget, amount of money that will bring us all together here remained. Studies, we found that in Istanbul, people here are very experienced in every stage of the film. Four years ago, "Remember me in Istanbul called" I've been here for a short film. Nevertheless, this development is considered first, because I would still continue to explore the city. Turkish producers to sign a joint productions in the future to me to be here to inspire. Faruk Özerten'le talked about this issue at length. I will write the screenplay and directed at
"Inheritance" (Heritage), here's the movie I want to take part. The negotiations on this subject amacındayım producers.

What was affecting up to ask you to take a portion of the film here in Istanbul?

- First of all, this is a city that connects the two continents. In addition, there is a deeper meaning. Very modern but at the same pristine Orientalism. Many countries that I visited, but this is such a place, to me, "I wish I could talk to Turkish" dedirtti.

MY MOTHER, kiss from me TURKISH Actor Asks

Would you ever watched a Turkish film?

- Yilmaz Güney "Road" movie I watched.

Turkish television series in many countries are no longer running. You are not you able to?

- I do not watch much television but my mother country, as far as I watched a lot of Turkish series. Even my mother heard my future in Istanbul, a Turkish actor in me wanted me to kiss. I do not know the name but I think that the real explosive airborne breaching Tatlıtuğ Kivanc.

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