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Friday, January 7, 2011

I thought there would Kıvanç'ın lover

Kivanc Tatlıtuğ'un a period of difficulty because of the similarity of names pulled Fırat'la Idil former lover and then showed himself, came to the fore, and this solved the annoying confusion. now, "Dirty White" la displays the Idil Firat, Weekend magazine and answered questions.

"Dirty White" series have accepted to play the lead? What was attractive to you?

- I loved my part. Also impressed by the production company have to admit that a rigorous and precise pre-study.

Could you tell us a little envisage the series characters?

- Aylin hero character, is not no shortage of financial sense, quite wealthy, but the inner world of troubles and pains of a woman. There are different things behind the perfect picture of life. I love my character, because the turbulent states of the inner world of the material makes me as a player.

Set environment, envy, do you have?

- By chance, one would say good job and people who worry about, no problems have come together with people. Therefore, harmonious, pleasant and Our suite has a beautiful energy.

PLAYER SEYİRCİYKEN have become just

Interviews are one who does not like to give. Acting adventure how did it start?

- State Theatre in a row a few times I used to watch favorite games to go. After a while the idea of me being on stage rather than sit in the spectator's seat began. Aleksei Arbuzov'un "This I give in," is a game which causes me that spark. Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts Theatre Department and four years after I graduated I went exams. Then I went to Ankara Art Theatre. In fact, my intention to stay in Ankara and to make the theater a year later, but would be more accurate to istanbul yerleşmemin saw business opportunities.

Currently the shooting range because of an outside set of busy, but how to spend the day?

- So I enjoy spending time at home. two cats, have a dog. At home, I find peace with them. Çapımda doing your own painting, I paint the stone. Photo'm very interested. The remaining roads fall to take pictures when shooting. I enjoy participating in trips abroad. I wanted to go to places that have programs in my head constantly.

Taylor actually has a very interesting painting. Would you tell us?

- Sea coast of the stones I collected a three-four-hour-long effort to convert any animal feels like therapy to me. Stones shapes, animals, or do I choose the type of object. Main lines of acrylic paint, paint starting to draw in pencil. The individual hairs, folds, shadows, tones, then three-four-hour break.


Two cats at home., Said that a dog. You must be a real animal lover ...

- Very fond of animals. One of the biggest dreams, serious man who thinks himself the sole owner of the universe through a change in the animals at least until we have the right to life that determines consciousness. Öldürülmediği wild animals, has not been persecuted, they deserve respect and love in a world I want to see reached.

What do you think of the experiments on animals, a requirement of modern life?

- This is a very deep and painful subject ... Medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic field experiments conducted in the U.S. alone, every 30 seconds, 10 animals died, the fact that people have actually been killed.

Scientists would like to ask a question on a lot to discuss. Is the insect or animal do you think the crab?

- For me, crab, swim in the sea prefer to play in my childhood friends, while my hours pass between the rocks and lobster under the sun that cause yanmama as a friend.

Idil Firat Kivanc Tatlıtuğ'un with former lover whose name the head of an interesting event has passed benzerliğinizle?

- Yes, the news began to emerge first in the hands of the media did not have enough visual material. So I got my friends phones. However, this situation began to kurtulabildim television itself.

Is there someone in your life now?

- The people involved, I do not think a private life.


Can we get your thoughts on the Turkish cinema?

- In recent years, qualified, beautiful films we encounter, it is also very promising. Increase in the number captured in the movie is a positive development. The result is really good most of the time box-office successful films in the absence of olamasa becerebiliyor detachment. Cinema audiences have seen a good example of what is going on much to distinguish what is mediocre, the consciousness of a rate rise.

We can see in the coming days in a cinema or theater project?

- Yes, it will be released on March 11, directed by Tolga Örnek his beloved "Losers Club" played in the film. Scenario, staff and beautiful shots, different, think it will be of interest to see a movie.

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