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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Michael Jackson killed himself

Michael Jackson was thrown out a claim about the death. According to the singer killed himself ilacıyla anesthesia overdose.

While the trial for the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, the singer accused of killing a doctor and Conrad Murray-famous star's lawyers argued that propofol by anesthesia overdose of medication.

According to the news site of the defense lawyer, J. Ntvmsnbc.com Michael Flanagan, Jackson's body, there is a large amount of propofol, whereas only 25 milligrams of the drug in this patient said that her client.

According to the statements Murray, the star of this façade, the doctor went to the toilet a few minutes in the wake is expected to claim self-injecting drug overdose.

The preliminary hearing next week on Tuesday, the judge finds sufficient allegations regarding the prosecution Murray'le cardiologist will have to get out of the hearing. Doctor çarptırılacak penalty up to 4 years if found guilty.

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